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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:41 on November 22, 2014  

Thanks, that about sums it up. They are not victims for the most part encluding whole families, they are opportunitists to smell weakness in our government. They are not here so assimilate as the immigrants of the past, they see a opportunity to ” crowd out” ¬†and have been for quite awhile now and why their are so many of them here already. Their idea of a better life is taking from the Americans which will likely spread to Canada. They already tried by claiming refugee status although Canada said how can you be a refugee from America when your not American.

What I seen when younger was them moving in talking up labor jobs getting hiring status and bringing more over. What I also saw was becoming managers of apartments and bringing families over. You’d have more than one family or a bunch of guys living in one and two bedroom apartments.

This is why they are not assimilating and why they turn neighborhoods into Mexico and taking down American flags, ¬†unsafe for even paramedics to go to. They have a harder time with blacks ” Afro Americans” because it’s not so easy to pull the race card with them. There are two faces on them. They will not respect our laws or our borders unless their made to, even their president who probably sees it as a strategic invasion. They look at these people as weak and stupid. This excuse is not only given to the Mexicans but to other third world people like in the medical field saying nurses retiring so new Americans nurses are having trouble finding jobs being crowded out and a shame waisting all that talent and jeopardizing the future of Americans over this weak government who don’t see or should say don’t care the so called aging population has a son or daughter too. But hey whites don’t riot or fight back so let’s just keep robbing pillaging and killing them.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.