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Posted by goldielocks @ 3:05 on November 22, 2014  

Yep throw the whole nation under the bus for political plays. Give the illegals temporary stay to set up the repubs even demos against it up. Meanwhile it’s a slap in the face to all those here legally. They try to make them look like victims maybe some are, like the children. I saw what happened most not victims but greedy opportunists who have no respect for this country or it’s people.

These so called victims made a mess out of their country and did the same to areas they took over where Americans or their children weren’t safe once they become the majority. Ironically for Obama they don’t like blacks either. They will move in white areas first.

They see or if they see and thanks to Obama will see them as weak and that’s how they see fair as weak and will prey on it if you don’t stand your ground like a bully.

They in a majority the criminal type which may be normal type there will even pick on and hurt children. The news makes them loom like one thing a poor victim looking for a better life but if you go there especially if you understand Spanish you will see the real side. Besides as far as calif they think it’s there’s. There are different types but this is the majority coming here and will colonize and run anyone over but will change nothing just bring their problems here because it’s not just their gov as you see their Prez backing their illegal entry’s it’s their way if life have no respect for boarders.

They don’t respect these people they laugh at them and mock them. They will only respect them when they can’t run them over anymore.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.