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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:18 on December 31, 2014  

Yep it seems so but then the question is with the growing amount of public workers thanks to a over controlling gov and baby boomers retiring my question who will be buying. The private sector going up does that mean inflation is going to rise? At some point like you said the dollar can’t rise¬†forever too. It makes sense he brings out pensions since it concerns retiree’s. No without saying too much to stave off those trouble makers the public crybabies we are lol would they during Armstrongs panic cycle start raising interest rates to induce people into putting ¬†their money in the bank during Armstrongs 16-19 panic cycle. Where people could draw interest off their money will there be some buy out offers on pensions and of so hope people don’t lock themselves into long term rates or get ladder type CDs shorter to 3-6 months one or both. Those in dollars anyway. Might be to late for those not already in PMs if it plays out that way from his 2016-19 volatile years. Well not his but what he’s seeing per say. I see it but since he’s the expert per say he can have the credit lol just incase you know. PS at the end of that cycle perhaps longer turn rates at higher interest rates by or most likely before 2020. Again if it plays out that way.

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