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Rather long, but very much worth the effort IMO

Posted by Scruffy @ 17:03 on January 27, 2015  


A little tease:

I am excruciatingly aware of a specific organization that has attacked silver and gold from the highest levels for over a century. The group is still very much behind the scenes and does still as you read this have an absolute stranglehold on what goes in and what comes out of the White House. I am therefore not in any sense acting as an alarmistby this or previous presentations. I hope to inform the metals community of the political risk to theirinvestments at home; and more so, to diminish this risk by exposing this anti-free market group which has fought precious metals for more than a century.

There’s no need to be psychic to predict their impending plans. Their extensive history and the persistent absence of free markets in this country are all the indications necessary. When we start winning the game, they intend to change all the rules! However, the more the public becomes informed about them, the less the danger of precious metals nationalization. I am of the view that absent total tyranny, we could bring suit against this group if our precious metals are filched from us by puppet President Obama or his successor. A Congressional probe/investigation into The Pilgrims Society is a truly desperate need; more so than a Federal Reserve  or Fort Knox audit as this organization is back of those issues!

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