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islandgold @18:20

Posted by amals @ 23:06 on September 8, 2015  

Northern Dynasty was one of my first three stocks (back in 2003) as well.  As I recall, it was about .30/share.  I still have those and others I bought on the way up (six something at the most).  I was doing very well for awhile.  I would say that I am a badly mutilated “junior mining speculator survivor”.  Are you saying there’s still hope?  I’m very stubborn about that one; it was one of my darlings.


Posted by puptent @ 21:35 on September 8, 2015  



Posted by goldielocks @ 20:33 on September 8, 2015  

That about sizes it up thanks for your input.

Poor pussy cat. lol  involved it pet rescues they actually do these things but mostly to dogs and sometimes they catch the SOBs but to depressing to post so this will do. /)

Moggy @ 14:30

Posted by Maya @ 20:20 on September 8, 2015  

Thanks for the eclipse astrology.   I like your little ‘shower cat’, too! 🙂

Must be a mellow cat to tolerate getting all wrapped up like that for a picture!  I’ve known some that would leave a bloody wound before that would happen.

RE:… Ororeef….. NDM

Posted by islandgold @ 18:20 on September 8, 2015  

Hi Ororeef,

I like NDM as well….  back in the day it was my first gold stock buy…  I did well back then…  I think NDM market cap peaked close to $1B (now m.c. about $70M with new financing of about $15M)…  At that peak… they also had only a 50% interest, now 100% interest! ….  To date, close to $750M put into the property with about $150m going into a 27,000 page environmental report…   This has become a pure political play… as you have noted!!   Here’s couple more interesting tidbits…  50% of all mining “profits” made by Frank Guistra goes into the the Guistra-Clinton ‘non-profit’ Foundation… (lol) …  Another mining pro who put up $5 million in this last financing had his contacts go to Washington.. to ‘research’ this….  His conclusion was the EPA will settle and this project will be bought out all in one year!!

I would strongly encourage all “junior mining speculator survivors” to do some DD on this project…




TODAYS action was a PRE EMTIVE

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:59 on September 8, 2015  

move to mitigate whats about to happin ..

Two very Cheap BIG COPPER ,GOLD,MOLYB stocks

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:50 on September 8, 2015  

nak TC

NAK has F.Giustra,Bill Clinton,Carlos Slim  working on its behalf  to get the EPA to back off and the Company lawyer is Ex Senator Cohen from MAINE(I think)

BIG DEmocrat wheelers Dealer s  using their expertise,money ,political influence to get this massive GOLD project on track …Got a judge to re hear the EPA’s objections ,claim the EPA went too far…BOTH STOCKS in the .50-.60  area   BOTH PREVIOUSLY were 20-26.00 stocks in better price days ..


Corporate Government. Take a Listen.

Posted by commish @ 17:39 on September 8, 2015  

Einstein, Physics, Gold and The Formula To End Economic Decay [David Bryan]

Posted by eeos @ 17:02 on September 8, 2015  

by David Bryan

“It Can Be No Other Way

By backing their productivity with artificial money, people have been tricked into giving banks a counter party claim to their wealth. The assets used or owned by their forefathers are now incorporated within vast corporations or pledged as debt in exchange for central banker’s script.

Einstein was the greatest mind of this century and when he states the formula for reality we should pay full attention to what he says. Beliefs spun into economic or social systems do not improve the economy or add to the social health of a nation.

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics.” Einstein

There are two types of money, real money that can be explained in terms of physics and ensures the economic health of a nation and there is belief money where, regardless of immense propaganda, the banks that issue this money have a counter party claim to the nations wealth. The use of artificial money empowers the central bank and destroys the economic health of a nation.

Money is defined as any good that is widely accepted in exchange for goods and services as well as payment of a debt. The functions of money are: 1/ A unit of account to measure the relative worth of goods and services;2/ A medium of exchange; 3/ A store of value. Read more

Do you buy TUNA ? you may be due a rebate,just ask for it !

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:47 on September 8, 2015  


Yen GOLD Correlation

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:07 on September 8, 2015  

3year yen-gold 10years yen-gold

3 years of YEN,$GOLD      and TEN years of YEN,GOLD ,It seems to me the Japanese have linked their currency to the DOLLAR Price of GOLD ..that way if the US devalues the YEN automatically stays on PAR ..THis does not mean the DOLLAR YEN does the same ..It does not.!  That helps JAPAN keep a trade surplus with the US with protection against a US DEVALUATION …clever !  Yesterday there was a big increase in the YEN which caused me to suggest we could have a 25.00 increase opening of GOLD which may yet occur .

Japan’s Nikkei Flash-Smashes 400 Points Higher In Milliseconds After Abenomics Gets Three-Year Extension

Tyler Durden's picture

Whether it is due to thin holiday liquidity, due to the BOJ intervening just ahead of its usual time, because Japan’s “legendary” Twitter trader “CIS” just went bullish (again), because prime minister Abe just learned he would be reinstalled as head of his ruling LDP party because no challenger had emerged unleashing three more years of unchallenged Abenomics, because Japan’s Q2 GDP was just revised modestly higher (to a less negative number) or just because this is how the New Normal rolls, moments ago the Nikkei flash smashed higher some 400 points higher, in a well-choreographed algorithmic frenzy, to take out Friday’s high stops.


Perhaps this latest ridiculous move was predicated by the USDJPY momentum ignition which today came 30 minutes ahead of its usual time…

… or by some of the economic data is neither relevant nor worth digging into. In this “market” things just happen…

Speaking of the economic data, this is what Japan reported: instead of a -1.8% drop in Q2 GDP, Japan – like the US – revised the number higher to “only” -1.2% (versus the initial -1.6% report) with the real sequential decline of -0.3% fractionally better than -0.5%, even as nominal GDP posted the smallest possible sequential gain.

Additionally, Japan reported that its July Current Account balance was higher than the JPY1.732 trillion expected, and rose to JPY1.809 trillion, up from JPY 559 billion in June.

Perhaps the catalyst was the report that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has returned as president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday, as rival Seiko Noda failed to garner signatures of support from 20 LDP Diet members, a requirement to file a candidacy for the Sept. 20 election. According to the Japan Times  the deadline for filing the candidacy was set at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, but Noda held a news conference to tell reporters that she gave up running prior to that the same day.

In other words, Abe’s new term as LDP president continues for another three years, which means his term as the prime minister will be extended for that period as well, assuming the increasingly jerky Nikkei – the only thing that has allowed Abe to keep his position as long he has – does not crash in the interim.

As a result, Abe is on course to become Japan’s longest-serving prime minister in more than four decades after standing unopposed in his party’s latest leadership election.

Abe’s re-selection Tuesday as president of the Liberal Democratic Party comes as protests flare over unpopular legislation to expand the role of the Japanese military; Abe isn’t required to hold a general election for another three years. If he stays in office until 2018, he would become the third-longest serving prime minister since World War II

There is no term limits for the prime minister, but a general election of the Lower House will be held at least once in every four years, and a new prime minister will be elected each time by members of the chamber.

“I tried to run for the presidential election, but I was unable to accomplish that,” Noda said. Noda continued her last-minute efforts to garner support from other LDP members but the LDP leadership led by Abe kept putting pressure on them not to support her.

Top LDP executives feared that if Noda succeeded to run, it could trigger internal strife within the party and give ammunition to opposition parties to further delay deliberations on contentious government-sponsored security bills, which are now being deliberated on in the Upper House.

And while Abe’s reign is now literally supreme and unopposed, Japan Times cautions that Abe’s ruling camp is now set to bulldoze the bills through the chamber and have the legislation enacted next week. This is expected to cause a big public stir and will likely push down the Cabinet’s approval rating in media polls.

Whether that means more or less Abenomics, read printing of money to make the rich richer, remains to be seen. Recall on Friday the IMF joined the chorus of warnings that the BOJ’s QQE will soon need to be tapered as Kuroda runs out of willing sellers.

Judging by today’s early market kneejerk reaction, the algos have not gotten the memo.


Posted by Moggy @ 14:30 on September 8, 2015  


DATA: SEPT. 13, 2015 @ 2:42 A.M. – Washington, D.C.

The position of an eclipse by HOUSE will indicate an area of life which is about to be highlighted. Issues surrounding the house and any planets involved will certainly come to the forefront as crisis situations. Not all crises are bad; all the word crisis means is that the issues will be emphasized and the people of the country will need to spend some time working on them.

This Solar Eclipse falls into the 3rd house in the sign Virgo, associated with harvests, crops, food supply, natural resources, environmental factors, and public health. It is ruled by the planet Mercury whose energy as the ruler of Virgo emphasizes purity, practicality, detailed analysis, and the need for critical faculties.

An Earth-sign eclipse may signify recessions, financial problems, trade and agricultural disturbances, drought, scarcity, famine, crops or fruits of the earth threatened, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or avalanches. A 3rd house eclipse attracts events related to communications, transportation, immediate environment, and neighboring countries. The influences of this eclipse may be felt a week prior to its occurrence.

The Eclipse is sextile 5th house Saturn in Scorpio (a turn toward duty and obligation), trine 6th house retrograde Pluto in Capricorn (an effective time to simplify life and get rid of what is superfluous), and inconjunct both 10th house retrograde Uranus in Aries (upsetting challenges for the administration requiring changes because of circumstances not fully considered) and inconjunct the MC [Midheaven] (a failed attempt to pull the country out from under its dive into the abyss.

Other aspects of note:

Third house Mercury in Libra in opposition to 10th house retrograde Uranus in Aries causes a tendency of the administration to jump to conclusions without examining all the facts. What the country will encounter is an impatient president and staff unable to carry out any disciplined mental work at a time of crisis.

Second house Jupiter in Virgo in opposition to 8th house retrograde Neptune in Pisces…here we have the money houses and conditions that aren’t what they seem to be; investments are endangered and folks need to pay heed to this warning sign if they don’t want to be fleeced. This is a time of financial delusion.

Last but not least is 2nd house Mars in Leo square 5th house Saturn in Scorpio…here we have the financial state of the nation and its purchasing power at war with the stock market (investments and speculation). A frustrating time for all concerned with their futures as they are blocked in getting ahead and find it is impossible to take action.




Posted by Maddog @ 12:20 on September 8, 2015  

I’m sure yr right.

winedoc ps:

Posted by WANKA @ 12:04 on September 8, 2015  

it was an ‘inside’ job I’m sure of it! I’m so sure of it i’ll it it big time….

sure of…………..

it :mrgreen: wj

winedoc most likely lloyds of london insured….

Posted by WANKA @ 12:02 on September 8, 2015  

now kitco? trys to collect from the syndicate…….if the syndicate doesn’t self destruct first? :mrgreen: wj

Lunch Break: Montreal Silver Hiest

Posted by winedoc @ 11:39 on September 8, 2015  

Well,  stealing 10 million (USD) in silver is no small feat.

Kitco’s main headquarters is on Cathcart Street, Montreal

I had to wonder if it was one of their shipments ??

Who would insure that cargo ??

Interesting …….


Maddog @ 10:42

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:24 on September 8, 2015  

No doubt that hedge fund has a magical, never depleting check book from some “unknown” source.

This is beyond a joke

Posted by Maddog @ 10:42 on September 8, 2015  

While China dumps Treasuries, the main buyer is a $ 6 Billion hedge fund, which is leverageing at an unknown ratio….So now Yellen is dependant on some dodgy hedge fund, to stop rates running away….and guess what their strategy is the same as LTCM’s was !!!!!!!


WANKA @ 10:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:41 on September 8, 2015  

Sign me up! I’ll be rich rich I say! 🙂

PS Considering caltrops.

floridagold — hummm farmboy it is

Posted by WANKA @ 10:36 on September 8, 2015  

the tip off is the frog suit me thinks! toon2nwj

ipso facto as for your neighbor’s eaten beans……

Posted by WANKA @ 10:32 on September 8, 2015  

seems he needs a line on some surplus ‘claymores’? I happen to have spun off another company just for this called ‘claymore’s r us’ :mrgreen:
ipso do you want the region of the west coast as your territory? its yours for the asking ya know! hell we’ll even thro in the rocky zone too. you will have half that a big 1/2 of the entire country as your franchise! hows dem apples….err claymores? toon2bwj

Gang war fears: Largest Yakuza syndicate’s 1st split in 30 years confirmed

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:29 on September 8, 2015  

A split within the largest Yakuza syndicate in Japan has been confirmed by the offshoot. Thousands of excommunicated members of the Yamaguchi-gumi formed a new crime syndicate over the weekend. Police expect a wave of violence.

The Yamaguchi-gumi reigns supreme over all other conglomerates, with about half Japan’s gangsters directly or indirectly employed by it. The Yakuza grouping has had a tumultuous history, and splits in its ranks have always deserved the attention of authorities, owing to the wave of bloody retributive violence that inevitably follows such events. The last such rift occurred in the mid-80s, leading to 293 violent clashes and a series of killings.

Now, the newly-formed group which according to Kyodo News would call itself Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi has officially declared its split, issuing a document, according to investigative sources speaking to Japanese media. The document contains quite brazen descriptions of Shinobu Tsukasa (aka Kenichi Shinoda), the sixth-generation leader of the syndicate.

Many in his ranks accused Tsukasa of extreme egotism, sources said Monday as cited by the Japan Times. Reportedly, another reason is his desire to expand the gang’s turf from its native Kobe into Tokyo and other areas.

more http://www.rt.com/news/314706-yakuza-gang-japan-split/

Yen Gold signals price change

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:24 on September 8, 2015  



Theres a high correlation between Yen and GOLD

Hochschild declares commercial production at Peru mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on September 8, 2015  



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:09 on September 8, 2015  

Not in this case. Gophers around here eat roots and are not systematic. They took it all. We have more problems with raccoons. No this is a people problem.

PS We have groundhogs in the mountains but not here in suburbia.

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