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Frostbite @ 19:13 A gift for your kind words

Posted by silverngold @ 20:05 on September 25, 2015  

It’s been 21 years since my late wife Rita was killed in a traffic accident on the highway, and even though I picked up and carried on there is never a moment goes by when that time does not surface. So here’s why I’m the way I am. With me it has always been the principle of the thing. In my grief I wrote many songs but this one….or at least this part of this one, seems to fit the occasion. So it’s a gift for you Frostbite. with thanks for the kind words……Silverngold

Some people live their lives down the middle of the road

And they avoid the rough spots, and they don’t carry any load

But that wasn’t meant for me, as I stumble down my trail

I seem to go from high to low, from happiness to deep travail


I know it happens for a reason, ’cause there’s lessons I must learn

and I’m given every pleasure as I climb

But when I’m happy and contented and there’s money to burn

I better look out, ’cause I’m headed for hard times

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