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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:16 on October 1, 2015  

Very good points on that. Well said. I just heard the invisible gov’t representative or spokesperson suggest we need more gun control, and have to change our laws he said.

When people talk like that, it shows stupidity in very high places, and you KNOW they are simply dumb, or….They have another diabolical Hitler Type reason to ban private ownership of firearms.

Firearms are LOVED by many people. For self protection, peace of mind, collectors, investors, target shooters, hunters etc. We also many viable occupations with firearms manufacturers, ammo producers, retail dealers, hobbyists, related accessories producers and retailers etc etc etc.

Not only are sales taxes collected, but also separate percent portion of sales money goes to support the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Add Fishing ‚ÄéHunting licence fees etc. Many millions, maybe billions of tax dollars.

Back in the 40s 50s and 60s guns were FAR FAR more prevalent in society, and there were no problems with killings. It looks like a break down of society gleaned or caused by decades of, results of, massive immigration from bad countries, imports or off shoring, causing economic decline after 1965, when the communist types took over our gov’t and country.

We were not allowed to see Elvis from the waste down in the ’50s. Later on, anything goes. Sex Violence and Drugs promoted in Hollywood to break down society. McCarthy was on the right track but the communist media against him.

They dumbed down the entire US population with their media. Gov’t quote 1978. “The United Auto Workers Union gets paid too much and is ruining the country” Meanwhile, the more money they make the more tax they pay.

Public service and gov’t vendors? The more money THEY make the more axes WE ALL pay. Another 1970s gov’t quote….”High wages cause inflation” Not excess printing and excess loans.

Another old gov’t quote….”We don’t want those DIRTY smoke stack rust belt jobs”

After hearing all that, I made up my mind…I will NEVER EVER buy an imported car, and never did, and anybody that does or did was obviously dumbed down or self centered, not caring about their own country only themselves.

United we stand but divided we fall. We WERE divided and taken down.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.