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Florida SnG

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:48 on October 1, 2015  

Florida We have a lot of career rouges and Trojan horses in office. As long as they continue to use lawyers to represent us but really them to undermine the constitution there will be a continued erosion and our expense. Many people don’t realize they don’t have to wait for elections to band together to do something and in fact their duty.
Fulford Interesting fellow.
Looks like the US traitor and chief and Europe need to throw Israel under the bus to save themselves from what they did in the Mid East to over throw their leaders.
Then we have the pipeline issue France wants from the Arabs Assad won’t play ball and Russia who apparently traitor and chief wants to defund with Mid East oil competition going to watch their oil interests by backing Assad which he knows what the outcome could be if he gets defeated. Of course they have to make it look like a human interest story when no one appeared to care before including when they were selling and killing woman and children.
Mean while the Arabs know that the oil not going to last forever so have to do something and perhaps spread out to other lands.
I don’t think that they ever planned to let the radicals take over but just use them to stir up trouble for leaders like Assad so who knows if this current move wasn’t planned although they currently failed to get Assad over thrown. They still are helping the infiltration to other countries cause.

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