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I agree Mr. Copper

Posted by eeos @ 18:19 on October 1, 2015  

surely these wierdo men that commit these crimes have people around them that know this particular person just isn’t right. When they’re this messed up, it might be safest for society to bring back state mental institutions again. We have trillions for bomb droppings at every remote outpost in the world, but we somehow allow the wacko nutcase aholes to walk around freely until they explode. I think it’s ludicrous.

Something else to consider. Deranged people should avoid having children. If thy’re crazy, zoned out, decoupled, overwhelmed or whatever the case, how can they provide a stable home for children? We need to start looking at the parents of these wack cases. The path leads there.

It’s probably greed fed as well. People are asinine, spend waay too much money on stuff they don’t need in the first place and become slaves to their jobs. Then in turn,they don’t have the time to know what’s going on in their own families. Parents owe it to society to make sure the health and mental welfare of their children is in check. It might allow for these situations not to escalate in the first place.

Or it’s a conspiracy to remove firearms from American’s. It’s a very scary possibility.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.