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Obama calls for Gun Control

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:44 on October 2, 2015  

thats weird !   He was voted GUN SALESMAN of the YEAR 6 years running !     Maybe he is the cause of mental Stress causing people to freak out !  ..

No JOBS..illegal Immigrants taking their jobs…..Muslims  coming into a strange country where freedom is the norm..incompatible religious beliefs with secular government ..No Theocracy !       I;ll  make a prediction…the DAY he leaves office and a Republican replaces him  ,  Gun SALES will drop 50 %…

No foreign policy at all, people calling our President Putins bitch….. disrespect for our country ,our Flag …nothing but Political crap and the only thing Obamas interested in is DOMESTIC VOTES .He’s called a candy ASS compared to Putin….A communist that appeals to the something for nuthin crowd that want to share the wealth but not the work..   A crazy mentality that mimics atom SPY,s Julius & Ethel Rosenbergs  excuse for stealing Atom BOMB secrets and giving them to the Russians because they thought the US couldent be trusted as the sole Nuclear Power….He also thinks the US cant be trusted as the Industrial Power of the World ,the computer software center of the World,..So he helps export our JOBS ,our TECHNOLOGY because he thinks America cant be trusted as the SOLE MILITARY Power of the World  …….A real COMMUNIST  sick mentality and he wonders why the People dont TRUST HIM and his Administration as SOLE GUN HOLDER of the World…

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