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Putin is Right

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:45 on October 4, 2015  

,Trump is Right  ..Let him fix ISIS ..He dosent want ISIS on his Border …and a threat to him…Somehow the US always picks the Wrong side to join   .

It smacks of Israeli skulduggery   .How come ISIS dont attack them ? or vice versa….  Egypt ,Lybia,Syria, Iraq ,Lebanon all disasters for the US…

enough already …Bryzinski is behind all this nutty Adventurism  ..He’s Obamas CHIEF FOREIGN Policy Advisor as he was under CARTER.

The guy is NUTS… Byyzinsky has a vendetta against Russia since WW2  …..He wanted Russia to do the Fighting for POLAND before they defended their own Country..   Stalin said defend yourself first   !  Then we’ll help…Russia lost more men than any country in WW2..Who wouldent have said the same thing as Stalin under those circumstances ?    Carly ,Rubio,McCain have a LOT to Learn about Foreign Policy .. Let the partys in the AREA that are at RISK do the Fighting ,its their country !  Why should we do it….Like Stalin said “you first ..then we’ll help if needed..” American BOYS are not to be trashed ..

Stupid is as Stupid does ..Forest Gump has more brains than these idiots…  We should have been friends with PUTIN from the Start and together kept the Muslims under control Putin fought them in Georga ,Afghanistan all around him… ..  If we joined Putin we could influence him on Policy even though we differ on energy policy for Europe ….as adversaries we have little influence .  Europes Energy needs need US  influence ..we are at a disadvantage now..Muslims are all addicts ..Religious Addicts     MARX was right Religion is the Opium of the mind !  That doesent mean we are anti God !…The Founder were Deists  not anti God….nor did they want Theocracy …  by Jews ,Christians,Muslims or any group..

Stupid Hillary got rid of all the Stabilizers in the AREA  Hussein,Mubarek,and now Syrias leader ..all of them protected Christians & JEWS …

Dictators ? …so What !     There will be NO Democracy as long as the Government is a Theocracy….First you have to change their religion  ..try doing that FIRST !   Good Luck with that !


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