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From a X tea partier who left when they gave into the GOP who have done nothing

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:50 on October 5, 2015  

to stop that rouge traitor in office. Now changed to constitutional patriot. Here’s some recient quotes I told him I want to share
Can I get at least one conservative and one liberal who can give honest answers to simple questions?
For instance; a coalition is defined as unrelated groups uniting for the purpose of achieving a common goal. Question 1: Why are conservatives & liberals joined in a dangerous coalition to keep the power of gov’t between 2 old parties who aren’t serving either side well?
2. Why is it the conservative/liberal coalition prefers gov’t of all powerful parties instead of We the People demanding representation by consent of the governed?
3. With the world watching, Putin Iran and others are humiliating the US in Syria and other nations. Why does the conservstive/liberal coalition accept this and show tacit approval while the whole world is watching our status crumble?
4. While we all know our gov’t is for sale to big donors why does the conservative/liberal coalition ignore this and support the parties who manage the web of donors who sell us out?
5. Since America became the greatest nation of all time due to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and freedoms to dominate our own officials why does everyone in the conservative/liberal coalition lay down like whipped pansies and let officials defy our laws and Constitution while still backing the parties that help these jerks destroy our nation for the gain of themselves and their cronies?
Will anyone from the coalition stand up and explain anything about what they are doing?
If not, will they admit they are surrendering?

The Mideat is a disaster.
A lot of diplomats, former ambassadors etc being interviewed about the Russia/Syria/Iran mess.
How about a few interviews with those idiots who gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize right after he got the job and before he’d done anything more than sending the Churchill bust back to England?
Let’s hear those fools explain themselves now.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.