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Two different strategies

Posted by Portugeezer @ 6:10 on October 5, 2015  

The bummer: set a thief to catch a thief.

Putin: a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist!

If a thief catches a thief, what are the chances he will give you the spoils of his robbery?  Bummer, you are an idiot if you think a terrorist will do your dirty work for you then hand back the country.

If the USA is in a war against terror then you cannot side with terrorists – anytime – anywhere.

Go for it Putin, get rid of all the terrorists, even if they are armed by the USA.  Show them that we have the guts to atack them in spite of the liberal-minded do-gooders.

One other point regarding the Doctors and medics that the bummer killed.  He has virtually admitted that he sanctioned the murder of these wonderful people who give up their lives to help others.  He called them collateral damage.  Why is there no outcry?  More than ten medics killed the bummer says “because there might have been terrorists in the building and it is unfortunate that the medics are there”.  What are you doing about it?  Women and children, now medics.

(Just a side note: in Northern Ireland, whenever peace broke out in the north, there was always a crime-wave just south of the border.  These terrorists had no legitimate means of support.  The funds given by misguided USA dontations gave them a good living at times of war, otherwise they had to steal to live.  This is what is being engendered in the ME).


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