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Posted by Auandag @ 8:16 on October 6, 2015  

Was Mercer An ISIS Plant?

Then there is the “curious” CNN whitewash of the shooter’s face.  The shooter was clearly a black man and yet CNN did severe violence to his complexion, whitening it to look like a white guy who had never seen the outdoors!  In the process, however, the managed to delete the moles on his face, which gave away their deception since the image that they used as a source with the background intact (and thus easily compared) is still around.  Why, CNN, did you attempt to change the apparent race of the shooter?  (Ed: CNN apparently has denied they ran any image of the shooter, and virtually everything has been scrubbed from the Internet at this point.)

Third, if this man was indeed not crazy but instead an ISIS/ISIL/MuzzieNutjob or both then that destroys the narrative being pressed by Obama (and now Hitlery too) on gun control, doesn’t it?  Never mind that Hitlery’s “forefront charge”, she claims, is facially bankrupt.  She has said she wants “100% background checks at gun shows” and has promised to do so via “executive action” should she be elected.  Well, Oregon already has that via state law.  It did nothing to change outcomes, did it?

I remind everyone that virtually every mass-shooting, with a couple of exceptions over the last two decades, has taken place in a so-called “gun free” zone.


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