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good morning folks

Posted by WANKA @ 8:57 on October 6, 2015  

I missed a goodly lot and could not catch up but i’ll try to be a little more attentive now since I’m feeling a bunch better. however my energy levels though run down faster then I like. I see the poll has a couple of my most favorites…..can we vote for more then one? :mrgreen:
seriously trump carson Fiorina and cruz are my most favorites but cruz is not qualified as per the constitution to run and I really like where he comes from pertaining to his support of the constitution. the ptb and msm and establishment are all doing a ‘mums the word’ on his Canadian birthing in deference to the shill Manchurian candidate in the beige rug house that nobody is opening the question of natural born citizen. oh well seems the world has such upheaval in these times and so very much screwed up thinking and doings that the banksters are laughing ahhhh all the way to the bank so to speak!
consider oblabla takes office in 2008 and the country is 9 trillion in debt and 7 years into the Kenyan’s corination as king we’re now 19 trillion in debt…..hummm wonder who pulls his strings? wonder who he works for? ahhh excuse me wonder no more!
wow central banking is a great scam ain’t it though.
best of cheers fine tenters.
toon37 wankas-worldwj

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.