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A real world ..

Posted by Walker @ 19:31 on October 7, 2015  

To comment on the very beginning…we were … have been… sold out too long ago even for a Proud man similar to Mr. Copper to believe. The Fed and Income tax act..well I am not here to review the long and lost debates of the past. My point this evening..the shock and the geo-political ..lack of understanding.
Just for an old .hum??
How many French Michelin tire assembly fabricators are there in North American, Nova Scotia, USA, Northern Ireland..
another wonder..who owns , Heinz, Burger kings, and some many other principals North American jewels, ..wrong, if you think the man is from Europe or North American..
To suggest this evening anyone, any reader, or writer HERE, understands the yellow brick road..I wish could factual share but i digress,

My point..I once shared long ago..the founders of North American were so very wise..and endeavor to insure the this new founded nations would protect themselves from the old “world”..well ..they are here and have won to date. To be absolutely fair..to the general masses the world is a better place..if one forgets the cost to the environment and that FOLKS..cannot be fixed..
Old Goldrunner..always believed the cost of a real correction would be devastating .era 2004..and here we are..
the real wealth the empire is held by 1% ..and they rule the world silently..the next election. We must all be insane to believe ..well i have share too much for any one evening.

Call it a wonderful world..young Trudeau ..the made and fabricated answer to Canada..sponsored by the Desmerais family.. who are sponsored by the euro team providers

hum did I spell Chretien’s ONLY daughter married to the reigning son to empire..cement.wow did i just share that too. PEI bridge cement. before i forget Hibernia Oil CEMENT..funded ..did i share cement..and you never knew Winedoc Grin.
But again i share too much..and how did all the cement..arrive?..
How silly of ,me by ship not to share..who owns the shipping company?
And what does this have to do will gold everything..they control the day


Until they do not


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.