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Here’s what’s happening in Roseburg, OR

Posted by Moggy @ 9:40 on October 8, 2015  

In the last two days, there has been support from literally all over the world for the rally in Roseburg, OR tomorrow, where patriots will tell President Obama that his presence and his anti-liberty gun-grabbing agenda is not welcome there. People have posted support from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and even Germany, where one commenter said “It happened here…it can never happen again.”

With any action, however, there are those who disagree, some vehemently. Even a few residents of Roseburg itself have voiced opinions that a rally is not wanted, saying they should be left alone to grieve in peace. If Obama wants to visit, they say, so what?

Here’s some truth that might sound cold and unfeeling, even though it’s not. I personally grieve for the families of Roseburg. I have lost loved ones. I know what that loss feels like, and it never goes away. My heart and my prayers go out to them. But the truth is, it’s about far, far more than the families of Roseburg. It’s about an agenda that seeks the disarmament of its citizens so that it may have complete power and control. It’s about a government that will use any tragedy, any cowardly act, any ruse possible, to con the American people into giving up the last possible defense they have against slavery. It’s about a President who is literally using the people affected by this tragedy to bolster his push to disarm them. The tragedy of the shooting, and the deaths of those innocent souls, affect the people of Roseburg in ways we cannot fathom and do not dare to speak to. But the ripple effect of Obama’s visit, and the use of those innocents as currency, affects every single American. In fact, it will affect every single American who ever comes after us.

Think about that a moment. Many of the people in Roseburg—even the families of the victims—are gun owners. They are not anti-gun or anti-liberty. Yet Obama is going to visit them, whether they want him there or not, and use the deaths of their own people to push for a gun control agenda that will disarm the very same families affected by this. It will disarm the American citizenry at large, if he has his way. Once that happens, there is no coming back from it. Not without an amount of bloodshed that is unfathomable. Not without a fight that none of us truly wants to see happen.

Obama is coming to Roseburg, at great expense to the taxpayers, even though he’s been told not to come. The townspeople have made it clear he is not welcome but the city government continues to claim that they do support his visit. That is a clear-cut example of elected officials not following the will of the people they serve.

There is some debate about whether the organizers of the event have the right to be a part of it at all, since some of them are from WA state. But I ask this: Do we not have the right as Americans to stand up against tyranny? Make no mistake, this is tyranny disguised as support, a steel fist inside a velvet glove. We support the families’ need to grieve. We also understand that it is about so much more than that for the rest of the country.

This has happened before. A shooting, an Obama call for gun control, a visit to the location, with fanfare and photographers on hand to capture every solemn look and crocodile tear from the President. In each case, those who stood up were told to sit down, to be quiet, to “respect the families.” It’s only a matter of time before another incident, another call for gun control, another visit and another thwarted attempt to stand up because it’s seen as somehow disrespectful to do so.

I posit that it is the ultimate in respect to refuse to let those deaths be in vain, to let their names fade into the tapestry of victims used like pawns in the long game of liberty’s assassination.

No more. Roseburg is not just about senseless deaths at the hands of a loser coward. It is not about handwringing and telling patriots to sit down and shut up and “respect the families.” We do respect the families. We respect them enough to not let their loved ones die for nothing, and we respect them enough to do what it necessary to ensure that the right of their children and ours to defend themselves is not taken away. Most importantly, we respect liberty. We respect freedom, and the right of the people to refuse slavery.

We must stand at the Roseburg rally tomorrow. Not because we want attention. Not because we are “intruding” or “invading” a small town that never asked to be part of any of it. We must stand because if we don’t stand now, if we don’t stand every single time that this happens, we become part of the problem. Liberty cannot be quieted. It must be stood for, loudly, openly, at any cost.

We stand for Roseburg. But we also stand for ourselves and our children. Tomorrow is not just about Roseburg. It’s about liberty.



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