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In Never Neverland

Posted by commish @ 17:47 on April 30, 2016  


Dem Strategist: Trump will beat Hillary like a “Baby Seal” Yikes

Posted by Buygold @ 15:15 on April 30, 2016  

Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders believes Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton like a “baby seal,” and that working class whites who haven’t already left the Democratic Party for cultural reasons will due so now for economic ones.

“I know a ton of Democrats — male, female, black and white — here [in southern Virginia] who are going to vote for Trump. It’s all because of economic reasons. It’s because of his populist message,” Mudcat told The Daily Caller Wednesday.

Saunders has experience working with Jim Webb, helping getting him elected to the U.S Senate in 2006 and advised his failed bid for the presidency in 2016. Saunders was also an advisor to John Edwards in his 2008 presidential bid. The Democrat strategist is renowned for connecting politicians to “Bubbas” — white, working class Southerners.

“Working class whites in the South have already departed the Democratic Party for cultural reasons. Well the working class whites in the North are now deserting the Democrats because of economic reasons,” Mudcat told TheDC. He added, “this is the new age of economic populism, man. This is about survival for a lot of people.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/27/democratic-strategist-trump-will-beat-hillary-like-a-baby-seal/#ixzz47L4OPoxl

The Empire Doesn’t Care Who You Vote For – Here’s what actually matters

Posted by silverngold @ 12:08 on April 30, 2016  

The new battery that last forever using gold nano wires- I’m sure this idea will be shelved

Posted by eeos @ 11:23 on April 30, 2016  

What do Viagra, popsicles, Corn Flakes, Ivory soap, the kitchen microwave, and champagne have in common? They were all discovered by accident. Add ultra-long-lasting nanowire batteries to that list, thanks to a team of researchers at the University of California Irvine. The average laptop battery is rated anywhere from 300 to 500 charge cycles – completely full to completely empty to completely full again – longer if you don’t use it all up before recharging. The UCI nanobattery endured 200,000 charge cycles over three months “with 94–96% average Coulombic efficiency.” It was effectively still brand new at the end of the experiment.

Let’s go conservative and say the average laptop battery lasts for 1,000 charge cycles, its capacity noticeably diminished after about two years. If that laptop had UCI’s nanobattery it would easily last for 400 years (if 1,000 cycles = two years, 200,000 cycles = 400 years). That’s long enough for that laptop to share a name with, but be far less useful than, an actual brick. If UCI can apply its findings to commercial uses, there’s a revolution coming throughout the electronic landscape.

Read more

More chaos that’s just what we need

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:53 on April 30, 2016  

US-Created System In Iraq Is Collapsing: Protesters Storm Parliament, State of Emergency Declared


re LOSER Trader Dan Norcini Wow, He MISSED THE MOVE???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:52 on April 30, 2016  

I used to e-mail back and forth with him, so I’m not surprised. Its a reverse crash.

Bill…in his own words

Posted by eeos @ 8:42 on April 30, 2016  



Posted by Buygold @ 8:40 on April 30, 2016  

Is traitor Dan looking at the COT Reports now?

Could have swore he recently said that only “rookies” looked at those reports.

No one has done more to keep investors totally out or waaaaay under-invested in G&S than LOSER Trader Dan Norcini

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:02 on April 30, 2016  

Nice going Dan–do u care to show us your profit and loss statement for the past 5 yrs? LOSER-!!

4-22–Silver Commitments of Traders – Halloween is Arriving Early This Year

By that I mean, it just keeps getting scarier and scarier.
My guess is that every speculator on the planet is long silver/short gold or outright long silver.
That of course is an exaggeration but I am not exaggerating when I categorically state that the silver market is a train wreck just waiting to happen. As I have said before, and will say so again – I would rather miss any more upside in this market than get long now, not with a trade so lopsidedly jammed with speculators on the long side. I will leave that for the daredevils and others who like driving the stagecoach as close to the edge of the mountain pass road as they possibly can.
Here is a look at the hedge fund outrights:




Posted by Maddog @ 5:31 on April 30, 2016  

Re Maguire

Furthermore, any manipulation attempts by the bullion banks would be dealt with the Chinese way, not the bought and paid for Western regulators’ way. So this is a true game-changer.

That presumably is the bullet in the back of the head method, with bill for said bullet sent to surviving relations, as opposed to a 5 yr CFTC investigation that finds no wrongdoing at all, an apology for all the inconvenience and u have a good day sir/madame.

No wonder the Scum haven’t been too active !!!!!!

Buygold here is a good take on Trump’s Foreign Policy speech……Political revolution comming

Posted by Maddog @ 5:12 on April 30, 2016  


The Euro’s are gonna go batshit when they realise they gotta pay to keep Big Bad Vlad at bay…maybe portraying him as the new Genghis Khan wasn’t such a good idea.

Latest from Avi Gilburt

Posted by silverspike @ 0:27 on April 30, 2016  

Does any kind person have access to Avi’s latest chart prediction on the HUI or gold.

Down under folks would love to know.


eeos @ 7:14 on April 29, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:17 on April 29, 2016  

I dont give advice !  I voice my opinion only …My prior post about my portfolio indicated I took a small small  short position and a larger CASH position that amounted to about 5 %  of totol portfolio ..the reason being we were ending 1st qtr and I locked in gains of 100 %  …second qtr has usually been the weakest qtr  where gains were given back ,so I locked them in.I am still in that position and will be until the middle of MAY as I indicated …Where I said  the biggest gains of your lifetime will begin ….I still think so ! I  What is suitable for me may not be for others ..just my opinion that I thought I would share  ,if anybody cared.  If I gave advice you would have to pay  for  it ! Then its fair to criticize and ask for your money back.  I dont manage other peoples money and dont intend to. Do not take anything I say as Advice ..I write No market letters charge nothing to anybody !.    This is a public forum if opinions are not to be posted ..just say so !

I am not in competition with anybody for an ego trip about being right on every jiggle the market makes .I invest with a longer view and have been doing so for the last 59 years …I have had no income since 1993 and live on my portfolio gains and SS.    thats it….

Take responsibility for your own actions !     Like a bumper sticker sez   “Dont follow me I’m lost”.

BTW  Mr Copper   10:34   post voiced a similar opinion when someone called him “arrogant ” for posting what he thought were tops & bottoms in charts ..

I saw that and found it offensive also ..to be called names like “arrogant ” for sharing thoughts …Get a grip and take responsibility for your own actions ..

Unless your PAYING for something dont criticize freely given  opinions  given with good intentions.

Stop the name calling ! for things given you didnt pay for !

simple long-term GOLD buy/sells

Posted by wxman @ 22:27 on April 29, 2016  



Posted by treefrog @ 22:24 on April 29, 2016  

you may find this interesting/useful



Gold Did Not Go Up, The Dollar Was Pushed Back Down

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:19 on April 29, 2016  

This chart shows the Dec 3rd first “NUDGE” down, or intervention by global central bankers to change the minds or mentality of bullish futures traders, playing the two year long strong dollar.

The “free market” ignored the 1st “hit” down and attempted to maintain the prior up-trend. You can see the 2nd “hit” early Feb. Again the “players” ignored that “hit” until finally in March they got the message.

That’s when the dollar bulls on COMEX finally gave up, and probably went short on the dollar.

Gold had an inverse up-side break-out the same day, Dec 3rd.


Posted by ipso facto @ 22:12 on April 29, 2016  

Okie doke probably my puter. Thanks!


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:51 on April 29, 2016  

No other than auto correct putting in words before I finish or typo or something but that’s everywhere. It’s just harder to notice here Cuz on a phone the words are so tiny I might not notice till its posted. I think what it was the server slowed down. It let me post on the heading but not the page because it wasn’t down loaded yet.

Carpathian lost their mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:51 on April 29, 2016  

Carpathian Gold Inc. Completes Restructuring


Fast Money

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:48 on April 29, 2016  

Guy Adami has been recommending gold and gold stocks for a couple of months now. Maybe he’s not the GS shill I thought he was …

goldielocks @ 19:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:45 on April 29, 2016  

Were your words just sort of disappearing and then maybe they show up again? I’ve been having some trouble with that today. Having to go into drafts to make it work, and posting pics is a no go.

Anyone else having some trouble posting on the main writing page?

Well having trouble posting on main page. It’s starting in Cali. Now with Trump protesters. They blocked a road like they did in other states but he got around it.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:02 on April 29, 2016  

Try again


Ipso, Auandag

Posted by Buygold @ 18:53 on April 29, 2016  

Ipso – lots of assumptions but as you said the start of this year has been the best we’ve ever seen, and according to this ZH article the XAU just broke major downside resistance. Who knows?

You have a great weekend too!


Auandag – 300% is about exactly what I need to get healthy as well. Unfortunately there are a lot of shares I’ve held that have gone to zero. Looking better for now.


Posted by Buygold @ 18:44 on April 29, 2016  

I don’t know. I wasn’t implying that a waterfall is imminent. What I meant to say was that if they don’t get the desired waterfall and are only able to pull us back a little, then the pullback will be short and sweet. The USD is in free fall right now. I think we can expect a bounce but a new uptrend seems doubtful.

No question we are ripe for a pullback but it may not be what we think. Maybe there is something going on under the surface that we aren’t seeing yet?

I agree with you about the “Fast Money” crew loving gold is NOT good, but it also seems the best the scum is doing at the moment is keeping things at bay.

One thing for sure, assuming that the COT Report is honest, we’ve never seen the scum get their asses kicked as bad as they are right now.

Have a good weekend.

Wow- Best month ever-up 51% and April is usually worst month of the year

Posted by Auandag @ 18:04 on April 29, 2016  

A double for the year- however a long way to go to catch up to the losses of the last 5 years-need another 300%

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