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Tree Frog – a couple of anecdotes

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 23:55 on May 7, 2016  

I was in college about the same time as you – in the era of dollar silver certificates . The university was in a State with proximity to Las Vegas , so silver dollars were ubiquitous , but I was from the East , so not used to seeing so many in everyday circulation . My first purchase on arrival was a pair of Levi’s ,and my new room mate had tagged along . I picked out my size and paid with a ten dollar bill , so I had several dollars in change due . The sales lady asked ‘silver or paper?’ I was dumbfounded , so my room mate piped up ‘ She is asking if you want silver dollars or paper dollars . Take the paper , because the rough edges and weight of the silver dollars will wear out your pockets !’ 
I did .If he was in front of me today , I would kick him square in the groin , and when he’d recovered , I would have him kick my backside for the next ten minutes for not taking the silver and saving it .

A couple of years later , silver certificates were withdrawn and replaced by FRN’s ( Federal Reserve Notes ) . Hubert Humphrey came to address a general assembly of the students shortly afterward , and to his credit , took a few questions at the end of his address . One of the questions challenged the wisdom of replacing silver with paper . His response went something like this ‘ Supposed you are at a party , where little piles of different global currencies are on a table , each pile having the same current value , and the lights go out . I guarantee that when the lights come back on , it will be the pile of US dollars that will have been taken by someone .’

That flippant  response was not well received by the majority of the ten thousand or so in the assembly .

In the days afterward , I recall many snide references to ‘ Huberty Puberty ‘ and folks saying ‘Can’t you picture that face in a bonnet above a gingham dress in a covered wagon coming West ?’

Not much respect for the VP of the USA at the time , among that student body !

It is no surprise that current boreal forest fires in Alberta and British Columbia have

Posted by Equisetum @ 23:08 on May 7, 2016  

their counterparts in ecologically similar forest zones across Siberian longitudes.



Posted by ipso facto @ 22:09 on May 7, 2016  

“Geesh, when I had a bunch of dough I wish I had parked it with him. 🙁 ”

You and me both Pal! :mrgreen:

Why they want to stop Trump

Posted by Buygold @ 21:31 on May 7, 2016  

Keiser Report: Lots on Gold and Silver manipulation

Posted by silverngold @ 20:28 on May 7, 2016  

Hey Commish

Posted by Buygold @ 18:47 on May 7, 2016  

I have Gun Runner. Good luck. 🙂

Kentucky Derby

Posted by commish @ 18:13 on May 7, 2016  

Run for the Roses or The most exciting 2 minutes in sports.

Coming up shortly.

I’m going with a 16-1 shot Creator.

Blast from the past “Seattle Slew”  Wonder what became of that fella?

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 18:12 on May 7, 2016  

Interesting concept for the SGE to bleed the west of our gold through arbitrage. The commercials shorts are astonishing, I wonder if there is a lot of hedging going on by the miners, with the banksters taking the other side? I have no clue, I’ve never seen anything like this without us getting slammed.

Druckenmiller is a smart dude, averaging something like 20-30% returns for the last 30 years. Geesh, when I had a bunch of dough I wish I had parked it with him. 🙁

Good to see him investing in “real currency”.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:18 on May 7, 2016  


a) may 5th is a mexican national holiday. mexico is in central america, not south america. there is no reason for people in any south american country (argentina? bolivia? venezuela?) to celebrate a mexican national holiday. in the united states, we don’t celebrate australian national holidays.

b) a spanish newspaper? in south america? they had imported newspapers all the way from spain? must have been expensive.

c) in mexico, they do celebrate cinco de mayo. it’s a mexican national holiday.


No they don’t. They don’t care much about it. They care about one in September.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:52 on May 7, 2016  

I like the idea that I recently read of an arbitrage developing between the SGE and crimex and the LBMA. The SGE can just keep paying a little higher and higher to siphon off physical gold from the West to East … for a while anyways and then the cupboard’s bare …

Have a good one!

This is very good if you haven’t read it yet.

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:48 on May 7, 2016  

For Stan Druckenmiller This Is “The Endgame” – His Full ‘Apocalyptic’ Presentation



Posted by treefrog @ 14:03 on May 7, 2016  

a friend of mine, an old college roommate from the ’60s is starting to wake up.   he asked me what ron paul means when he talks about “financial collapse.”  here’s my answer:

he’s basically saying what voltaire said – “paper money always reverts to its intrinsic value, which is zero.”

if you research back to the end of WWII, you will find an event called the bretton woods conference, which led to the bretton woods agreement.  this was the pow wow where the financial rigging for the postwar world was set up.  from time immemorial, international trade imbalances had been settled in precious metals, primarily gold.  (china persisted on a silver standard, and it broke them).  if a country imported more than it exported, it had to settle up in gold.  this was a great incentive for responsible behavior.

at the bretton woods conference, john maynard keynes (may he rot in hell) proposed that instead of gold, that the u. s. dollar could be the basis of international trade.  if argentina sold poland more corned beef than poland sold kielbasa to the argentines, poland  could settle up in dollars (conveniently borrowed from the feral reserve.)  argentina could then hold the fednotes in their central bank to finance their subsequent international trade.  poland could pay us back in kielbasa.  of course the world is a multilateral place, so things were more complicated than this.  what it amounted to was that every country except us had to produce real goods and services, and hold our i.o.u’s (fednotes and treasury notes).  all we had to do was print steel engravings of dead politicians and eat kielbasa (and drink french wine, scotch whiskey… etc).  if any foreign central bank accumulated more u.s. paper than they wanted, they could cash it in at the new york fed. res. bank @ $35/oz.  the u.s. having the largest military establishment on the planet, nobody had much to think over before agreeing.

this worked for a while.  world trade re-emerged, and the u.s. flourished.  this prosperity gave us the interstate highway system and bought all those b-52’s the cold warriors liked so much.  it put the military industrial complex in such a dominant position that eisenhower felt he had to warn us in his farewell address.  it also put the financial elites in the saddle.  the feral reserve, the big banks, and the mil-ind complex were riding high.  all was good with the cleaver family and with lucy and desi, ralph cramden had a steady paycheck.   jfk was a little worried about it, and started issuing “united states notes” from the treasury, backed by the government’s silver stockpile without the blessing of the fed.  too bad for john.  lbj’s first act in office was to stop the u.s. notes issuance.  coincidence?

lbj, having learned his trade under fdr, liked to SPEND.  the war on poverty, and the upsizing of our southeast asian adventures pumped out a LOT of fednotes.

some of these 60’s prosperity dollars leaked out of our borders, and were spent overseas.  i know, i spent some of them in france and england myself.  some foreign countries (notably france under de gaulle) started accumulating more dollar reserves (u.s. issued i.o.u.s) than they felt they really needed and started cashing their dollars in.  gold started to flow out.  slowly at first, but picking up speed.  johnson (may he rot in hell with keynes) left office and dumped it in tricky dick’s lap.  i bet humphrey felt relieved.  the dollar rate was adjusted (devalued) to $41/oz to give tricky dick (with the help of the financiers) time to set up a new rig (bretton woods 2.0).  on august 15th, 1971, nixon suspended (defaulted) conversion of u.s. paper for gold – “temporarily” of course.   the u.s. having swindled the world into holding LOTS of its i.o.u.s, welshed on its debts.

…but not without having set up a back-up plan.  enter the petro-dollar.  knowing this was coming, the u.s. had approached the major (and minor) oil producers with a deal.  we would guarantee the security of their political regimes no matter how corrupt or tyrannical (think the shah, and the saudi royal family) against all hazard, and all they had to do in return was to agree not to sell their oil for anything except u.s. dollars.  the producers agreed, but wanted higher prices.  the price of gasoline approximately doubled from 1971 to 1980.  the gold backed dollar is dead! long live the petro dollar!

the petro dollar arrangement has lasted pretty well.  better than it should have   waaaaay longer than we deserved.  cracks started to appear when the shah was diagnosed with cancer and a teenaged heir.  oops!    when saddam hussein started talking about selling iraqi oil for euros, it rocked the boat.  saddam was dead eighteen months later.  mohammar ghadaffi started talking about setting up a gold based islamic currency and accepting gold for oil.  he was dead sixteen months later.  now russia is accepting euros, gold and rubles for their oil.  what did we do?  we are trying to start a war with them.  look what we did in ukraine!  if the kgb destabliized the canadian government and set the mafia up in its place, what would be our response? personally, i think putin’s showing admirable restraint.

meanwhile the value of the dollar continues to drop.  paid a dollar for a cup of coffee yet?  at some point, the system will break.  when?  ah, the timing is always the hardest part to call.

voltaire was right.  that’s what ron paul is talking about.

end of rant.




i hope i didn’t put him on information overload.

Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 8:43 on May 7, 2016  

Yeah, the commercials added a massive amount of shorts but what was interesting was that the funds added almost an equal amount of longs.

Funds added a few silver shorts, no idea what that means, maybe it is Traitor Dan.

Would like to hear Turd’s take, he must be on fire.

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