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If Donald Trump thinks

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:29 on May 16, 2016  

he is going to convince manufacturers to come back to the US because our country needs them .. it aint gonna happen ..not if there experience was the same as mine !   It would take a revolution in the welfare state mentality  ..the Unions will fight the manufacturers and strike them before they can make the first dollar or sell the first product. They will bribe every politician to unionize and cripple the manufacturer before he sells the first item…The DONALD dosent understand the PROBLEM  ..his enemy is not the Manufacturers !…its the UNIONS  and the crooked Political symbiotic relationship between Government and Unions are his enemies . In short its Hillary and her minions  ..The workers had nothing to do with the loss of JOBS …It was the work RULES ..the EPA RULES..and the whole lot of crooked politicos  ..Trump would have to do away with the EPA ,the Unions,the graft ,the corruption the Health and safety rules (that have nothing do to with Health & safety)because they are the rule makers ..a power player that under the pretext of helping the worker uses that to exert Power and Graft  …The PUBLIC has NO idea what the manufacturers had to deal with….

I wish the DONALD GOD LUCK …

Mr.Copper @ 16:54 on May 16, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:56 on May 16, 2016  

I spent 63 years in manufacturing clothing or Food and I know what it takes to create wealth  !  My 30 years in manufacturing childrens clothing ..(150 employees )was met with crooked unions communist and mafia controlled unions yet I managed to create wealth and employment for thousands OF WOMEN  ..MANY WHO WERE WIDOWS  many immigrants and and a lot of Political refugees from Cuba …Most couldn’t speak English ,so I learned to communicate  .Most had never operated a high speed machine that would sew 5000 stitches a minute. I trained them all myself because I knew in the end they would appreciate what I was doing for them .They rewarded me with their Loyalty and productivity .Many were families I even had 5 sisters who were working for me Portuguese who were so satisfied they asked me to train their daughters (3) of them .  I saw to it that they made more money than the union shops and they rewarded me with the highest productivity …We all made money…then along came the Government who sold us out …all of us.They put the immigrants and widows on welfare ,food stamps and all the rest and sold my interest and my fathers 40 years of experience down the drain ..

I created wealth and jobs and what did I get ?   I trained thousands of people ,gave them  a good living ,most bought houses with their earnings from me ..One women widow with a young son owned 3 houses from her earnings and the Government saw fit to sell me out to foreign interests in exchange for entry into Global foreign banking and insurance ..a trade of thousands of jobs for a few  banking jobs ….Do I feel bad for taking profits in the stock markets  ….Hell NO !   I created wealth for thousands  of others NOW I create it for ME..    What part of creating wealth for ME dont you understand ?  I dont need lessons from anybody on the creation of wealth VS taking wealth  ! What part of manufacturing wealth VS taking wealth dont you understand ?   I could give lessons on that ! I wrote the book….been there done that…..I have been asked  a Government interested in bringing jobs to NJ  “would you go back into manufacturing if the Government asked you to ?   ”   …Hell NO !..

I dont work for you ! Now I work for ME…!  You the Government can go to Hell. !

buygold a c-note?

Posted by WANKA @ 21:28 on May 16, 2016  

only needed 1/2 c-note…or 50 clams. is the other 50 a tip? toon1cwj

Whoever messed with the PM’s today

Posted by commish @ 21:10 on May 16, 2016  

Glad the tent’s back up!

Posted by Buygold @ 21:08 on May 16, 2016  

Something going on with First Majestic (AG)

First Majestic Silver Corp. (AG)


11.23 Up 0.53(4.95%) 4:02PM EDT
|After Hours : 11.75 Up 0.52 (4.63%) 7:59PM EDT
Wanks – sent you a C-Note, sorry for the delay…

Well … today was better than a sharp stick in the eye

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:45 on May 16, 2016  

Roxgold Achieves First Gold Pour Ahead of Schedule at Yaramoko


Soros returns to gold investments in Q1 – 13F filing


Homestake Purchases Teck Resources Ltd. Royalty on Homestake Ridge Property, BC


Paulson cut gold bets again as Soros, others rushed back


Dynasty Reports Financial Results for the Quarter Ended March 31, 2016


This is what happens when a Member of the European Parliament tries to view what’s in the TTIP

Posted by silverngold @ 20:44 on May 16, 2016  

Ororeef @ 14:56 re My Understanding

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:54 on May 16, 2016  

if a Politician enters office in debt and leaves office wealthy ..he thinks he created Wealth !

In my little world that politician simply absorbed some existing wealth out of the system. He didn’t MAKE money. The ONLY people that actually CREATE wealth, make “money” imo, are people involved in creating or providing food fuel metals etc.

Everything produced that you can touch read, feel, or has weight and mass is the definition wealth or the birth of wealth, of which, everyone else lives off of via sales and service. (Overhead)

Even us here profiting on AU AG stocks are NOT making money. We are “GETTING” money without providing any THING.
In japan the Seniors benefits are being cut except for those in Jail ,so they shoplift so they can go where the benefits are .

Comment: I call that, “Self Service Welfare” 🙂

Old Timer Train

Posted by Maya @ 16:48 on May 16, 2016  


The Old Japanese Shinkansen… this is the one that gave the nickname “Bullet Train” to the Shinkansen, now a stuffed and mounted museum piece.

Trivia:  In Japanese, “Shin” means ‘New’.  These trains were first used on the ‘Kansen Line’, so it was the ‘new Kansen line’ train.  Shinkansen later became the generic name for the new high speed trains all over Japan.

ororeef sounds like a good ‘roadie’ plan

Posted by WANKA @ 16:39 on May 16, 2016  

ya want some company?

Well its like this

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:23 on May 16, 2016  

In japan the Seniors benefits are being cut except for those in Jail ,so they shoplift so they can go where the benefits are ..

So if its Winter I stay mostly inside anyway so Winters in Japan look appealing .They get free Healthcare Food and a warm place to sleep..,But I do like California in the Summer warm days and Cool nights  ..whats not to like ..now I can shoplift there to suppliment my SS  and still enjoy the weather and the Beach ..ya see Im a Beach person !  and The Govey failed to maintain cost of living increases and decimated my savings with zero interest rates …so I got a plan !  I currently live in Virginia where the Spring and Fall are Great !  So Im making plans for the Summer and California looks good ! Then its back home to Virginia and then on to Japan  !for a warm place to hibernate !


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:53 on May 16, 2016  

Sounds like you’ve got a plan!

ipso facto @ 9:28 on May 16, 2016 …From a Senior Citizens point of View

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:40 on May 16, 2016  

Now that Shoplifting is no longer a jail bit in California I can spend my summers in California and shoplift to my hearts desire ..visit my Grand KIDS   ….Then spend my WINTERS IN JaPAN WHERE IF YOU SHOPLIFT ALL YOU GET IS fREE FOOD  A WARM PLACE TO SLEEP AND fREE hEALTHCARE IN THE WINTER !   Life is Good !

If London

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:22 on May 16, 2016  

is selling out what does that mean ?They sell their Gold vault because they dont need it anymore ? Why not ?   They sold out their country to the Muzzies even elected one as Mayor  ,they sell their Real Estate to the Muzzies and drive the cost of Housing far beyond their citizens ability to live in the Country of their birth..The Financers have a habit of SELLING everything FIRST then crashing those very markets  and buy back later ..I wonder who they learned that from ?It become a way of life ! In America we call et SHORT SELLING  !  We used to call it theft when you sell something you dont own ,and then sell something you do own to drive the price down

so you can buy them both back at 10 cents on the Dollar…Wall st used to say “he who sells what isnt his’en must buy it back or go to Prison.”   It now says “take the money and Run” just make sure you take enough to bribe the Judge and pay for the Lawyers  ,and if that dont work ,you make a contribution to “Bill Clintons Foundation “so you can stay out of Prison or get a Pardon .!  like Marc Rich did !


Mr.Copper @ 14:03 on May 16, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:56 on May 16, 2016  

Whats so hard to understand..if a Politician enters office in debt and leaves office wealthy ..he thinks he created Wealth !

What part dont you understand ?

Gonna fill it with goodies?

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:40 on May 16, 2016  

China’s ICBC buys giant London gold vault from Barclays


old timer a little behind the scenes bunker talk below.

Posted by WANKA @ 14:19 on May 16, 2016  

Thanks for all the help Weston. I got on the site and posted a WE’RE BACK, but when I went back five minutes later – I get nothing but a totally white page. Just FYI

—–Original Message—–
From: Weston Williams <weston@WestonTechnologies.net>
To: John Ian JIM Tony
Sent: Sat, May 14, 2016 6:54 pm
Subject: Oasis back up and running

I’ve installed the site on one of my production servers in the interim, while we’re setting up the new hosting company. I wanted to do this first, before running with the new host, to mitigate the site being down any longer than necessary.

We can now cut HostMantis loose. I won’t have time tomorrow to transfer the site from my production server to the new host (Softsys.com), but I’ll try to take care of it early next week.

The backup included everything through 5/10, since that was the last time I could get in to take a backup. We can’t easily recover anything after 5/10, but that’s when the site went down, so there wasn’t much there anyway. Let me know if there’s something missing that you need me to find.

Any questions are welcome, and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy having the site back up, and don’t worry… we won’t lose any data in the next, hopefully final, migration.

Thank You!

BREXIT S/B Globalization, Global Commune-ity Exit

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:12 on May 16, 2016  

The entire world has started exiting it. ISIS, Arab spring, all the upheaval etc etc are all REVERSAL signs, of the past NWO that started after 1913. Populism, independence protectionist movements are all needed for each country to prosper.

On the OPPOSITE side, the new future losers, are the sheltered monopoly global corporations and banks (and host exporter countries like China) that PROSPERED from the past.

Glad things are working again…

Posted by old-timer @ 14:11 on May 16, 2016  

I don’t have much to say, but I visit every day.

I missed the group with all it’s contributions.

I’m addicted to those train pics.

Grateful for those who work to keep the place alive.

Thank you.

Ororeef @ 13:42

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:03 on May 16, 2016  

I have a hard time understanding that, since in my view our gov’t always re-distributes wealth, mostly in bulk forms to foreign nations.

Then, as the US population gets more poor, the same gov’t re-distributes what’s left of the US domestic wealth to the victims of globalization. Food stamps, welfare in general, space and defense, environment employees and infrastructure spending etc is all WELLFARE.

Its time to be optimistic, because things got so bad, the status quo itself is hurting, is getting thrown under the bus.

Brexit – Full Movie

Posted by joe12pack @ 13:54 on May 16, 2016  

worth watching the Brexit movie in its entirety – no wonder Armstrong keeps writing the current bureaucracy  is doomed.


Mr.Copper @ 11:25 on May 16, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:42 on May 16, 2016  

The only way Government creates wealth is through Corruption and then its at the expense of the citizenry .

Just look at how many Politicians leave office wealthy after years of doing nothing worthwhile …

The wealth they crate is a zero sum gain ..somebody loses by the same amount as their gain .

The wealth that the private sector creates is a net gain because something of value was Created …not re distributed.

maya 03:37

Posted by WANKA @ 13:25 on May 16, 2016  

meet you in the club car…..bring the bong! toon2iwj


Posted by WANKA @ 12:32 on May 16, 2016  

“Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction. A good form of government may hold the rotten materials together for some time, but beyond a certain pitch, even the best constitution will be ineffectual, and slavery must ensue.” —John Witherspoon (1776)wj

re >>so we the Brexiteers are gonna need a 65 % plus to counter that.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:07 on May 16, 2016  

The entire past is no longer sustainable, practical, or viable for the new future. Even the big global businesses have to KNOW this. They already “won” and there is nothing left to win by continuing with the past.

In the future, big global businesses might be a no brainer SHORT, similar to retail store foreign made goods distributorship lackeys that unwittingly PEDEL the arbitraged labor and taxes foreign made goods.

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