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i think i raised those kids right

Posted by treefrog @ 22:24 on August 2, 2016  

for my birthday, my son got me a border wall construction co tee shirt.


a couple years ago, my daughter got me a rearden steel co tee shirt.  when i wear them, only a few people notice and give a wink or a smile.


Posted by Maddog @ 21:46 on August 2, 2016  

One of my cars is a ’95 Jaguar XJ 6……..no way will u find a better ride…the sound system is truly awesome……cost $ 1500 !!!!!!

Re Donald Trump and All The Nit Pickers Looking For Every Fault

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:39 on August 2, 2016  

What the hell do these people want? Or expect from him?


If all the past totally useless presidents, and all the past useless anti American politicians did their job right, sticking to the Constitution, and protecting the American middle class?

Donald Trump would not have to get involved. He doesn’t NEED this crap running for office and or being president. They all call Trump an idiot, but in reality all that don’t like him are idiots or spongy greedy special interests that PREFER the status quo establishment.

eeos @ 20:44

Posted by Maya @ 21:32 on August 2, 2016  

This is a generation of idiots…. who have no concept of securing a wallet full of paper cash, let alone digital ‘bits’.  Bitcoin is as secure as the user wants it to be.   But it is a ‘wild west’ kinda market place.  And there is a sucker available every minute.

Never Know When Duty Calls.

Posted by commish @ 21:08 on August 2, 2016  

Bitcoin reality check

Posted by eeos @ 20:44 on August 2, 2016  

When people can steal over 60 million dollars of Bitcoins via social media you know that’s not a currency to be in.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:01 on August 2, 2016  

Armstrong, I can understand where he’s coming from as far as catalysts for sectors. I can understand why money would flow away from one place to another and makes sense. But this post doesn’t make sense. He keeps talking about reversals and gold promoters and timimg when many stocks are almost at near highs or half way there. That makes getting into these stocks a little more risky on any correction. He is not recognizing as far as stocks that they have done well anymore than Obummer will recognize Radical Islamic T. Like he’s stuck on his computer model. He gives no directions for his numbers.                  What I see is that there could be volitility ” surprises”  indeed in 2017-8 but with “current pattern” to the upside in PMs and most likely beyond.

silverngold its a bid and offer nevertheless on the vehicle

Posted by WANKA @ 19:42 on August 2, 2016  

4whether an etf or a share of stock or a contract or an option or unit its still a bid/offer vehicle. even if its a bid on a short 🙂 or an offer on it to sell. :mrgreen:
ok ok I’m getting silly now! but I do like the l/t charts especially the back up the truck at the 1100 area I fiboed back in august/sept 2015. the low struck at the 1050 area and was looking good. that’s only the chart…now watching thhe ‘action’. ear and mind to the f/a and the slowly start turning with the golden cross and wa-la a mere 9 months later out of the wool and at 1350 area much relieved. long term plays only with trend and no shorting. btw I missed the great short from 1900 and a conversion from the 32 ratio! kick kick kick. oh well nobodys perfect! toon2hwj

Taxing cars by value

Posted by eeos @ 19:26 on August 2, 2016  

The state of Colorado runs this scam, so I’ve been driving the same car for 18 years. screw em. It’s my intent to get antique plates in 12 years so I can screw ’em on the air quality control test exemptions too. Testing cars for air quality has nothing to do with air quality or testing, or the fuktard government air quality testing turds from the state of Colorado would have caught VW 8 years ago. Idiots

Re Bail Ins’ and Negative Yield Bonds

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:16 on August 2, 2016  

Re food for thought re paying fees or losing money on bank deposits. (a tax on wealth)

What is possibly evolving is similar to owning a home. (another form of savings) The higher the value of the property, the higher the property tax is.

Some states I hear do a similar thing with car registrations. The higher the value of the car, the higher the annual registration fee. (a tax)

So now, TPTB are saying we need to pay a property tax on our savings accounts, if we are wealthy enough to have one.

Germans have a death wish.

Posted by Auandag @ 18:46 on August 2, 2016  

Germany: Leftist Women Cover-Up Their Own Rapes by Muslim Migrants


That pesky usdx

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:23 on August 2, 2016  

Got above 96.00 for a while but couldn’t keep going. No market or report manipulation going on!!


WANKA @ 17:19 Shorting

Posted by silverngold @ 18:16 on August 2, 2016  

I have no problem with shorting as long as it is not the money you just invested long in an ETF that is being turned right around and used to short the same ETF or the sector you are expecting to go up, thus using your money to cancel your investment……and that IMO that is what the ETF’s are all about. I’ve had discussions with others on the subject and been told to “grow up” and “sit down and shut up” because everybody is using the ETF’s to make their fortunes (rather than buying the actual shares) since the ETF’s are so easy to use and many brokerages even wave the fees if you use certain ETF’s. That in itself should set off the alarm bells. So now if the majority use the ETF’s rather than buying the underlying shares, and their money is used by the ETF to short and control the sector, how can  the sector ever go up as we all hope and expect unless it is part of their plan to let it go up?? Bottom line is it is all about control of the markets…..IMO!!

Obama. Today’s quote

Posted by commish @ 17:29 on August 2, 2016  

4e32fbb7c9 I am still president and I support the TPP trade deal.

silverngold 10:48 yes

Posted by WANKA @ 17:19 on August 2, 2016  

I did my share of shorting when I played the contracts too. the long and short of the thing I would say! :mrgreen:

my plays were somewhat based on price in the charts including fibos for entry and trendlines once trending and triangles after retracements. still a dart shoot but a controlled one at best.
like load the boat.! :mrgreen:



Posted by treefrog @ 17:10 on August 2, 2016  

prints highest daily close in a couple years.  🙂

Job done Dow closes less than 100 down

Posted by Maddog @ 16:07 on August 2, 2016  

Meanwhile Worlds biggest Derivative time bomb is down 3.75 % at new record low…so Scum buy hell out of SM and sell hell out of PM stox.

Lampposts R Us are gonna be limit bid for eons !!!!!!!!

Dr. Tim Ball: How the world was deceived about global warming and climate change

Posted by Auandag @ 16:01 on August 2, 2016  

Current weather is normal; that is, it is well within the range of all previous weather and climate variations. There are no dramatic increases in temperature, precipitation, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other severe weather. The climate is changing just as it always has and always will and the rate of change is perfectly normal. Of course, that is not what the government, environmentalists, or the media promote and as a result most of the public believe. The misconception is deliberate and central to the exploitation of global warming and climate change as the vehicle for a political agenda.


TZA Russell 2000 Bear X 3 Looking Good

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:00 on August 2, 2016  

I just doubled my TZA for a little variety. No PMs bought today.

Scum almost lost SM then….now bidding like mad.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:47 on August 2, 2016  

statute of limitations only good if the gov says it is? read the fine print….

Posted by WANKA @ 15:36 on August 2, 2016  



goldielocks @ 12:54 re After Reading Armstrong

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:17 on August 2, 2016  

He may have been SOMETHIN before electricity, but imo he’s absolutely nothing these days. He’s obviously out of the loop. Talking about 2017 18 2020 2023? What value is that info? Zero. He does not know what he’s talking about.

My 5 year old daughter could guess PM stocks

Posted by eeos @ 15:01 on August 2, 2016  

and the general direction just as well as Marty could.

Scum trying to rescue SM….they panic over even a 100 pt Dow drop !!!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 14:48 on August 2, 2016  

Plus they have the one way Algo going, that sells all PM stox when SM falls, but never buys ’em when SM rally’s !!!!

goldielocks @ 12:54

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:21 on August 2, 2016  

I will stop now and start reading Armstrong’s info, to see how many holes I can shoot thru it. 🙂 Thanks for posting it. Give me something to do as I keep an eye the game.

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