When it comes to the term ‘black widow’, the first image that may come to mind is the terrifying spider with the red hourglass on its belly. Anything named after something that’s a symbol of fear and death isn’t much of a compliment, especially when we consider that a black widow is much more than an insect – it’s a female with blood on the brain. The term ‘black widow’, then, is often used to describe women who will go after someone close to them, often romantically, and kill them. Whether it is a husband, friend, or a child, a black widow sees no limits in killing another so that she can get what she wants – which, in many cases, is money. And we all know that money can motivate people to do some crazy things.

Hillary will RANK up there at the TOP TEN …Its always about the money!

Does Bill make love to his Black Widow ..that explains a lot.

How do you make love to a Black Widow …VERRRY CARFULLY  !  Bill’s a smart guy he goes elsewhere !