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Buygold….Yes a good speech

Posted by silverngold @ 22:53 on August 18, 2016  

Too bad some idiot chose to make a circus out of the video by pasting all those distracting and annoying carnival type pop ups all through his speech. IMO this is not the place for that type of belittling theater tactics and damages his sincerity and credibility.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:49 on August 18, 2016  


mr copper,

Posted by treefrog @ 22:01 on August 18, 2016  

“Ya know, if the USA pulls out like UK did, that dollar could turn into a UN dollar over night and drop like a rock. The US would NEED an extremely lower U.N. dollar to block imports and prosper.”

what have you  been smoking?

a) “…if the usa pulls out like the uk did…”  pulls out of what?  the uk is pulling out of the eu.  usa is not and has never been IN the eu.  wtf?

b “…that dollar could turn into a un dollar…”  the fednotes in my wallet are signed by u.s. treasury officials, as authorized under u.s. law (an unconstitutional law, imo).  they are in no way authorized by any action of the un, nor has the un ever offered any hint they feel obligated by them.  wtf?

c) “…an extremely lower un dollar…”  the un has never issued any dollars.  when do you anticipate they will begin issuing them?  wtf?


have you been keeping up with this in the latest breaking issues in the onion?


Ahh the fifties… One of the best tricks me and my friend pulled!

Posted by Auandag @ 21:45 on August 18, 2016  

Many of the old houses back then had screen doors on their verandas. The screen doors opened easy and were spring loaded so that they slammed shut when you let go. When it was dark we would tie fishing line to the door and hide out across the street. Then we would repeatedly  pull the door open and let go causing the door to slam over and over. Then the occupant would rush out and look around to see what was going on. Of course we were hidden across the street so he couldn’t see us. seeing nothing he would go back in and as soon as his back was turned we would pull the door again LOL. This was great fun until one day someone located the string and started following the string. Needless to say we hi-tailed it out of there, with him in hot pursuit.  Fear greatly enhances one’s foot speed.

Trump in North Carolina tonight – I think this is the video

Posted by Buygold @ 21:26 on August 18, 2016  

treefrog @ 18:09 re hyperinflation in the forecast?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:50 on August 18, 2016  

Ya know, if the USA pulls out like UK did, that dollar could turn into a UN dollar over night and drop like a rock. The US would NEED an extremely lower U.N. dollar to block imports and prosper.

On the other hand, what they are dealing with today, due to extreme productivity, the hyperinflation of too many products, and not enough young people with money to spend 18-28 years old.

Ororeef @ 13:52 silverngold @ 12:32 Alex Valdor @ 12:13 Scruffy @ 11:24 Thanks For The Memories

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:38 on August 18, 2016  

I’ll give you guys a couple of mine. When the DDT truck came into the neighborhood to kill mosquitoes, all us kids on bicycles, loved to ride behind it in that fog. It smelled nice too. 🙂

My father used to raise German Shepard’s. One year had a lot of fleas in the house. My father got the DDT man to pull over, gave him $5, got him to point the nozzle right into the basement. The smell went thru the whole house. No more fleas after that. Now I’m thinking, good thing there was no spark generated anywhere to blow up the house.

Those little strike anywhere stick matches? Oh we loved them. We made little guns with one regular, and one spring type clothespins. Break off a match head, shove it in the notch area, pull the spring trigger, and away went a flaming match head.

We also used to make little bombs with those match heads. Go and buy the economy package of boxes of strike anywhere stick matches, buy a 3 foot length of jet-x fuse in the hobby shop for 25 cents, get a jar.

Put a little hole in the lid for the fuse. Then we would all sit around and break the heads off the sticks and fill up the jar right to the top. Put the fuse in and tighten up the cap. Light the fuse and run away. Always had a little camp fire going too with all the little sticks.

We also used to play “army” with BB guns when we got older. Take turns defending and or attacking the old barn. That barn even had a real old light bulb with the point on the bottom that still worked. I still have to this day a BB imbedded in my cheek. I had a tiny bit of blood, thought it bounced off me, but when the scab came off I felt the lump.

One of the guys had one embedded right between his eyes. The Dr. took it out, and told my friend, to tell me not to worry its copper coated. So I left it. Years later I went to the dentist. He was looking at my X-rays with silence, and looked puzzled. looking at big round white spot, looked like the moon. I looked over and saw why he was so quiet. Told him you are looking at a BB.

Another bad thing we used to do is stuff a ball of paper in the coin return in those old phone booths with the folding door. They were cozy inside. A day or two later, come back with a bent up safety pin and hook the paper back out. Boy it was like winning in Las Vegas. A hand full of nickels, silver dimes, and quarters. For under a dollar we feasted on big ice cream sundaes, and wash them down with a milk shake. 🙂

Later on in teen years? Many car stories too.

Trump just gave the best speech of his political life in North Carolina

Posted by Buygold @ 20:38 on August 18, 2016  

When it becomes available on you tube I will post it

hyperinflation in the forecast?

Posted by treefrog @ 18:09 on August 18, 2016  

The course of events in a hyperinflationary scenario can be summarised as follows:

  1. Chronic government deficits
  2. Debt issuance and money printing escalating rapidly
  3. Bonds falling – interest rates rising fast
  4. Currency collapsing

The above process turns into a vicious circle that accelerates quickly. The more money the government prints, the faster the currency will fall and the faster the currency falls the more money the government must print…


Light Bulb Conspiracy

Posted by commish @ 17:22 on August 18, 2016  

Found this 1 hour documentary fascinating.


Scruffy @11:24

Posted by aufever @ 16:47 on August 18, 2016  

Good post.
But you left me out! Born 1957

@ Scruffy @ 11:24 on August 18, 2016

Posted by old-timer @ 16:45 on August 18, 2016  

Many thanks for that post.

Some of those thoughts I’ve had myself, especially about playing out side after dinner until the streetlights came on, playing with cap guns, and just doing stuff that today would be so non-PC, if not now illegal.  Driving home last evening, I was amazed by the number of people now actually walking around,  and even crossing the street all the while raptly gazing into their palm device.

When before, the world held our attention, now seemingly all the world is somewhere else, only experienced second-hand.

I get the feeling that they would be very happy to crawl right into their little hand-world and leave this one entirely.


Auandag @ 14:58 UN?

Posted by silverngold @ 15:52 on August 18, 2016  

IMO the UN is just the opposite of its name. It should be called DN for Dividing Nations from each other, or DM for Dividing Morals from society.

Another reason to shut down the UN

Posted by Auandag @ 14:58 on August 18, 2016  


Say “No!” to Immoral “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” Programs>>>>>


Vigilant family-watch groups report that the United Nations, national governments, international and national agencies are pushing a deeply destructive program by the name of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Its victims, are children as young as five years old in our schools.


According to Judith Reisman, Ph.D., director of Liberty Child Protection Center, “In the name of sexuality education, children are seeing obscene materials that have been ruled by Congress and by the Supreme Court impossible to show to children.”


The Corbett Report with the two James’ on Soros and other interesting topics

Posted by silverngold @ 14:20 on August 18, 2016  

Ororeef @ 13:52 re The 1950’s were the best years for this country ! HAPPY DAYS !

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:19 on August 18, 2016  

Very good on that. The only part I can comment on is your “a sense of entitlement to someone else’s earned wealth”.

I take that one step bigger, the sense of one country’s entitlement to USA’s earned wealth. Because of that foreign greed, and American stupidity to buy imports, we now have more poor people locally with their hands out. INCLUDING corporations. Corporate welfare.

If they laid off all the unneeded gov’t employees and gov’t vendor jobs, put them all on welfare, we’d save money. All the towns counties around me are having trouble raising taxes and paying pensions and free healthcare insurance for retired people.

If this trend continues, they will have to lay off ALL gov’t employees, and use tax money just for the retired ones.

Mr Copper anybody from the 1950’s

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:52 on August 18, 2016  

understands what a Trump says and agrees ,they have a mentality thats different ! They dont feel entitled to something they didnt earn .I was born in 1938 and anybody from that era is gratefull for the end of WW2 and went on about their lives working and not expecting from Government.

Thats whats different, a sence of entitlement to someone else’s earned wealth ….It breeds dissatisfaction ,envy and a bad attitude !  The only cure for that is an attitude adjustment with a 2×4 across the back side !   Spoiled brats …..BTW I LIKED IKE   the man that saved the world…

The 1950’s were the best years for this country !  HAPPY DAYS !

Re Newsday’s Editorial Trump’s Corrosive Effect

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:36 on August 18, 2016  

I sent the paper my opinion:

While reading the editorial, I kept finding statements that were incorrect and made no sense.

The first thing I would like to mention is, we should thankful for Trump. We should not be picking on Donald Trump, because the living standards have been falling since 1975. Its not Trump’s job to get involved in being a president.

If all the presidents and Congresses going back to and including president Nixon and Johnson, (JFK was a patriot outsider like Trump) if they did their jobs right, protecting the USA there would never be a Donald Trump. He is a result. As food for thought, I’ll copy paste parts of article and add comments. On second thought, I’ll just wrap this up.


USA won independence in 1776. After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the USA gradually lost its independence. The act was created so USA could finance foreign wars. Special interests foreign influence Note soon after 1917 WWI.

Excessive money creation, or printing for WW I caused inflationary roaring 20s, led to the 1929 crash that led to the great depression and deflation to 1934. In 1934, Gold ownership was banned, and taken in by Banks at $20/oz.

Soon after the banks raised it to $34/oz a 70% devaluation to get prices up, and use the money for WW II starting in 1941. WW II did NOT get us out of the depression in the 1940s. It was the Gold confiscation of 1934 that ENABLED the war in the first place.

After the war in ’45 the banks adjusted currency values to encourage importing our needs so as to rebuild all of Europe and Japan etc. At USA expense.

Then came Korea, Vietnam, etc etc. By 1970 the money printing or inflation, for WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Moon landing and imports trade deficit caused USA to lose half its gold reserves, and the local administration Nixon, was force to stop allowing foreigners to take our Gold at $35/oz, when it was trading privately at $140/oz.

The so called 1970s inflation was wrong. In the 1970s the fed was REMOVING money supply with high interest rates up to 21% by ’81.

So, after 1970, instead of exporting away gold at $35, the system proceeded to take away our industries. Globalization was really global socialism. Take from wealthy USA and give our consumer dollars away to other nations instead of Gold.

The only really good years for the USA was 1945 to 1975. That’s all we got, only 30 good years, but we deserved it. From 1975 to 2008 that entire period had a net CORROSIVE effect on the entire USA living standards.

I predicted during the so called great recession in 2009 that the USA would now start healing getting better, and that trend already started before Trump.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:55 on August 18, 2016  

Sounds like one of my brothers who was into horses too. I remember covering his paper route once when he had asthma as a kid and could have some life threatening attacks. I took over for him cuz he was a go getter and feared he would go anyway and maybe die. It was winter pouring rain on top of it. Then it started to flood. Get stuck on the bike and walk through it.  Had to worry about strange men watching me in slow moving flooded streets in some areas too that early and no one out yet. I though never again I hope. Lol He went from that to working at the stables taking care of horses at about 14-15 and from there to raising Arabs and breaking horses on the side. In those days you could afford ” barley” to do that. Now you can’t plus so many taking those jobs and kid labor rules. One of my other brothers at only 12 got a job on a farm for awhile till my parents found out. I could care for babies at 11 to earn money. Don’t think kids can do that these days.

AURORA CANNABIS …i did a scuba dive one time on the wreck of the “Oro Verde” hehe!

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:39 on August 18, 2016  

Scruffy @ 11:24 What a great post…..thanks for the memories!!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:32 on August 18, 2016  

I did all those things and what great memories I have because of it. I also started my day at 2:30 AM delivering news papers, rode a bike 28 miles (14 miles each way) through Los Angeles twice daily to care for and feed my horse that I bought with my paper route money, and still had time and energy to run cross country after school. None of it was special and most of my friends did similar things with never a serious mishap.

Those were the days my friend. Too bad they had to end!!


A Crude Awakening !

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:30 on August 18, 2016  

A Silver that started off lower than Gold in January ended Higher in August

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:22 on August 18, 2016  

Mr Copper ..I was just about to post the Dollar Dive ,you beat me to it !

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:15 on August 18, 2016  

Scruffy – I was born around the middle of that era

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 12:13 on August 18, 2016  

Riding in the back of a pick- up truck on a warm day was always a special treat.

…as long as you didn’t try to spit out of the back ! During a long trip back from the farm , I hocked up a large goober and launched it . To my horror , the thing rotated and twisted about a foot in front of my face for a few seconds , then Splat! , hit me square in the eye . Learned more about vortices and aerodynamics in those few seconds , than in a post grad class in statistical theories of compressible and incompressible flows in fluid dynamics .

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