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Manufactured Louisiana Flood

Posted by silverngold @ 21:19 on August 27, 2016  

While many take the Bible literally and consider these phenomena signs of the End Times, there are other opinions. The general public is completely unaware that the military has been controlling weather and creating earthquakes for decades, and there is a name for it; geoengineering. Cloud seeding to make it rain for the farmers is so yesterday, and so pedestrian.

Some of those who DO understand the potential of geoengineering and using weather as a weapon (which breaks treaties signed since the 1970’s) consider it all a little too coincidental to label what’s happening “naturally occurring”.

But there’s also this take.


Posted by silverngold @ 20:21 on August 27, 2016  

Aetna’s announced that it is ditching Obamacare. Do you think Obamacare will split in half to stay alive? American financial analyst,stockbroker, author, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff joins Gary Franchi to weigh in on the topic.



Posted by Moggy @ 20:18 on August 27, 2016  

Praying for your safety.


Kitten praying

It’s Now Or Never

Posted by commish @ 19:38 on August 27, 2016  


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:20 on August 27, 2016  

Hopefully it won’t be too bad but nothing wrong with getting up the hill if it looks to be bad. That or have a boat with plastic bags for warm cloths and food and water ready or at least life jackets. Waters not too cold there but if it gets cold can suck the energy out of you trying to swim in it esp in heavy currents. I used to do it a lot when younger but not in bad weather cuz you have to time getting from point A to B before your body starts locking up from hypothermia. Now I just wear a wet suit.

Hurricane Season

Posted by Maya @ 15:01 on August 27, 2016  

SNG, your sister got here just in time for a double-barrel blast.  These are the times I feel like the islands are bowling pins at the end of ‘hurricane alley’ coming from Mexico across the eastern Pacific.  Madeline is due about Thursday, now looking like it will plow through the middle of the state at Maui with tropical storm strength and flooding rain.  Several days behind it is hurricane Lester, strong and straight westerly.  On this course it will pass close south of the islands.  These are the dangerous storms that can hook north suddenly and punch hard, like hurricanes Iwa and Iniki in the 80’s and 90’s.

Manning the NOAA Satellite displays for updates several times a day for the next week.   Preps are continuously ready and available.  The Volcano I can handle…. Hurricanes worry me as they are more destructive.  Been through two bad ones above, and numerous ‘tropical storms’ flood emergencies.  Worry mode ‘ON’.


silverngold @ 13:03

Posted by Maya @ 14:29 on August 27, 2016  

Yeah, I have no doubts they may ‘goose’ these things with HAARP, but the clouds may be a result of natural forces they unleash geologically.  I’ve read stories of the native americans that tell of particular clouds that form in the cascadia region before an earthquake, so the stories are very old… from diverse cultures.

Kauai is ‘old hawaii’ in many ways.  The oldest island geologically, it has nice sandy beaches.  Eons of weather have eroded Mount Waialeale to a huge flat-topped swamp at 4,000 ft. elevation where it scrapes rainfall out of the tropical atmosphere on the wettest spot on earth.  The near constant mountain rainfall feeds several freshwater rivers around the island.  And I much prefer the Kauai Coffee over (Kona).

Me? I got the ‘newest land on earth’.  But it’s mostly black lava cliffs that drop into the ocean on the big island.  Sandy beaches are rare and small treasures on this island.

Hillary Clinton’s Statement on Health

Posted by silverngold @ 14:27 on August 27, 2016  

Farmboy @ 11:44 Kona Coffee is anything but ‘peaceful’

Posted by Maya @ 14:07 on August 27, 2016  

…with some of the highest caffeine content around, it will keep you going!

And living on a molten rock ain’t so bad, but the occasional traffic jams are a nightmare.


Did you bring marshmallows?  🙂

Maya @ 4:40 Thanks for the response. What you say might be true……

Posted by silverngold @ 13:03 on August 27, 2016  

…….but that does not explain the many reports from Christchurch and also Japan of the many chemtrails being laid down by jet aircraft the day before and the day of their earthquakes. I can’t remember whether the same was true in Chile, and since I was not in Italy and have not heard yet, what you say I suppose is a possibility. Another strange thing is that the HAARP meter in Gakona Alaska, that recorded  the strength of the HAARP waves, was shut down just before the Japan earthquake/tsunami and was down for the next three weeks. Just a coincidence?

I do remember that the US Military was conducting drills in the US (I think in Florida) just prior to the Chile earthquake and using Chile as the simulated disaster location so they would be prepared in the event of a disaster, and in Christchurch a US government FEMA team was there when the earthquake struck. Just a couple more strange coincidences I guess.  As far as Italy goes we just have to wait and see if the same kind of information surfaces.

It appears to me if the USA continues on its present course it is digging itself a great big hole it will never be able to climb out of.

On a happier note, my sister has recently moved to Kauai. She’s been traveling to all the islands several times each year and finally made the move. She’s been a Hawaiian at heart as long as I can remember so I’m glad she finally did it. All the best from Silverngold

Commish, I Reckon Times Have Not Changed All That Much.

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:29 on August 27, 2016  

Kids of all ages today are running around with little gizmos playing some Poky man something or other. I had a stick, and with it I bashed many a dragon’s head and saved the fair damsel. I shot imaginary enemy soldiers. Saved Custer from Indians. Fought courageous sword fights with pirates.  And even played a little baseball with a sock rolled up and covered with black tape. With a piece of string and safety pin bent into a more useful shape, I even caught a few fish with bread crust. Roasted a few hot dogs over a fire. Turned perfectly good marshmellows into burnt cinders. I cant tell you the hours of entertainment that stick provided. And it didn’t need batteries.

All in all, I would have to say that stick was better than any electronic gizmo. But then, I am old. And still prefer reading a book as to watching the movie. And in recent years I have relearned the joy of simply sitting on the porch, and just day dreaming. Reminds me of how I spent my days of youth in a classroom, looking out the window and day dreaming. And the disappointment I felt, still do sometimes, when I discovered growing up was not what I had expected it to be. Somedays, I long for just a good stick and a good day dream.

Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for posting some great things that keep us smiling. Sometimes my laughter even sounds like the boy with the stick, just older now.

Natural News: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson wants to force mercury injections on your children

Posted by silverngold @ 12:12 on August 27, 2016  
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson just sold out to Big Pharma… says children should be forcibly injected with mercury at gunpoint… claims government “science” overrides medical choice
Mike Adams And now the lunatic fringe wing of the Libertarian party has come to the surface, with presidential candidate Gary Johnson now claiming that children should be forcibly injected with any toxic substance the government claims to be a “required” vaccine.

Johnson, of course, has lost his mind (and his credibility). Apparently he does not remember the meaning of the word root “liberty” from which “Libertarian” is named.

It’s not liberty if the government can force your children to be poisoned at will.

Click here for the full story.

Posted by commish @ 12:10 on August 27, 2016  


Good Morning Ole One Who Lives On Molten Rock

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:44 on August 27, 2016  
Maya @ 15:31 on August 26, 2016  

Notes to self:

Moggy is the cat lover, Not Farmboy

I like cats well enough, just not as much as old dogs. I think dogs and I get along better, could be we smell more alike.

Farmboy takes coffee black.  (Is that coffee-racist?)  ?

Black, is a color, like in a Crayon box, or good coffee.

A Grumpy Farmboy is worse than a grumpy cat.

Not sure yet about that one. We could test that theory out one day lets say by putting a handful of banksters in a pit with a very hungry, and grumpy, lion. Compared to a handful of banksters meet Farmboy in a dark NY alley and they didnt bring coffee.

Here’s a bag of beans to soothe the savage grump:

Now that is the Secret to a long and healthy, and peaceful life. Kona Coffee ! Thank you kindly for the for the pot of black silk this morning. The perfect choice to wash down a biscuit.

Enjoy your Saturday, and I am glad to hear you are getting ready for the storm(s). Shouldn’t be a big deal long as you can keep a fire under the coffee pot going. Still, I will put in a good word with the ‘Boss’. Take care, Farmboy



silverngold @ 21:49

Posted by Maya @ 4:40 on August 27, 2016  

“Earthquake Clouds” are a phenomenon that have been reported long before HAARP existed.  Rather than being HAARP induced, it is possible that these clouds are a natural atmospheric precursor or indicator of induced stress of rock about to break.  Some theorize it may be electrostatic build-up.

TWO storms heading to Hawaii

Posted by Maya @ 4:34 on August 27, 2016  

Madeline and Lester.  ETA are Wed. and Sun. next.

Battening hatches…

Speaking of weather

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:53 on August 27, 2016  

Storm headed toward Hawaii and another in the Atlantic.


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