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Finally, one for the good guys!! And it’s a BIGGIE!!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:52 on October 9, 2016  
Anti-GMO professor wins court case as biotech operative found guilty of forgery and defamation
Mike Adams Professor Seralini, who led the research team that exposed the cancer tumors caused by eating GMOs and glyphosate, has won yet another court case.

Biotech-linked opponents tried to smear him using forgery and defamation — typical methods from Monsanto operatives — but they got caught.

Now Seralini is victorious yet again. Click here for the full article.

mm3 – Trump Is A Buffoon

Posted by commish @ 23:39 on October 9, 2016  

Can you please elaborate?

Coffee? What the hell? Oh yeah yer Maya… here let me flavor it

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:32 on October 9, 2016  

I was worried about the Donald right from the first question, but the buffoon brought it around, much better than the first debate.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:25 on October 9, 2016  

He gained tonight. Hillary and the PC schlock is dying.

Masses are looking up the def of cognitive dissonance.

Come on America…fire that bitch so the rest of us can live!


It’s Monday in China

Posted by Maya @ 23:19 on October 9, 2016  

Putting on the ‘all night potful’.  Y’all save some for Farmboy now!



All I need to know…

Posted by Maya @ 23:03 on October 9, 2016  

Online polling… from Drudge…


He finally said it out loud:

“You should be in jail!”

atta boy, Donald!


UNINSTALLING HILLARY █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete.



Posted by Buygold @ 22:59 on October 9, 2016  

Hillary said Mr.Kotter/Carter

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:20 on October 9, 2016  

DJmm is on fire tonight…

Well the media is a bit slanted…Martha and Andy have a bit of an echo chamber…hello Maya any echo beach in Hawaii?

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:04 on October 9, 2016  

Whoops – posted that too soon – Sorry

Posted by Buygold @ 21:47 on October 9, 2016  

Trump is doing pretty well tonight

What do ya know?

Posted by Buygold @ 21:10 on October 9, 2016  

24 hr gold chart

Putin is going to have to reassess Donald’s approval now as Vlad sensors Pussy riots. Could be one on stage tonight.

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:55 on October 9, 2016  

re Warren Buffett’s Son Howard?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:52 on October 9, 2016  

Howard Buffet. (1903-1964).
‘I warn you that politicians of both parties will oppose the restoration of gold, although they may outwardly seemingly favor it. Unless you are willing to surrender your children and your country to galloping inflation, war and slavery, then this cause demands your support. For, if human liberty is to survive in America , we must win the battle to restore honest money.’

‘Unshakably ethical, Howard refused offers of junkets and even turned down a part of his pay. During his first term, when congressional salary was raised from $10,000 to $12,500, Howard left the extra money in the Capitol disbursement office, insisting that he had been elected at the lower salary.’ His wife said he considered only one issue when deciding whether or not to vote for a bill: ‘Will this add to, or subtract from, human liberty?

Even if it were desirable, America is not strong enough to police the world by military force. If that attempt is made, the blessings of liberty will be replaced by coercion and tyranny at home. Our Christian ideals cannot be exported to other lands by dollars and guns. Persuasion and example are the methods taught by the Carpenter of Nazareth, and if we believe in Christianity we should try to advance our ideals by his methods. We cannot practice might and force abroad and retain freedom at home. We cannot talk world cooperation and practice power politics.

n addition to non-interventionism overseas, Howard Buffett strongly supported the gold standard because he believed it would limit the ability of government to inflate the money supply and spend beyond its means.[13] His son Warren Buffett is not an advocate of the gold standard.


Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national security

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:30 on October 9, 2016  

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Sunday he had detected increasing U.S. hostility towards Moscow and complained about what he said was a series of aggressive U.S. steps that threatened Russia’s national security.

In an interview with Russian state TV likely to worsen already poor relations with Washington, Lavrov made it clear he blamed the Obama administration for what he described as a sharp deterioration in U.S.-Russia ties.

“We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia,” Lavrov told Russian state TV’s First Channel.

“It’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests and pose a threat to our security.”

With relations between Moscow and Washington strained over issues from Syria to Ukraine, Lavrov reeled off a long list of Russian grievances against the United States which he said helped contribute to an atmosphere of mistrust that was in some ways more dangerous and unpredictable than the Cold War.

He complained that NATO had been steadily moving military infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders and lashed out at Western sanctions imposed over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.

He also said he had heard that some policy makers in Washington were suggesting that President Barack Obama sanction the carpet bombing of the Syrian government’s military air fields to ground its air force.

“This is a very dangerous game given that Russia, being in Syria at the invitation of the legitimate government of this country and having two bases there, has got air defense systems there to protect its assets,” said Lavrov.

Lavrov said he hoped Obama would not agree to such a scenario.

Russia suspended a treaty with Washington on cleaning up weapons grade plutonium earlier this month in response to what it said were “unfriendly acts” by the United States.

Lavrov said both countries had the right to pull out of the treaty in the event of “a fundamental change in circumstances”.

“The treaty was concluded when relations were normal, civilized, when no one … was trying to interfere in the (other’s) internal affairs. That’s the fundamental change of circumstances,” said Lavrov.

(Reporting by Maria Kiselyova; Editing by Andrew Osborn)


Goldcorp resumes operations at its Peñasquito mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:18 on October 9, 2016  


With 29 days Left. See How The World Is Voting.

Posted by commish @ 19:44 on October 9, 2016  


Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 18:45 on October 9, 2016  


Market’s open.  China opens this week.  So we should have firm support and plenty of power…  like the Southwest Chief as it runs across canyon Diablo.


No need for Sherlock Holmes

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:25 on October 9, 2016  

There’s One Very Simple Reason Why Precious Metals Were Pummelled This Week


The Corbett Report: MSM Syria Lies Need To Be Exposed!…..Sickening!!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:38 on October 9, 2016  

Posted by commish @ 10:02 on October 9, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 4:51 on October 9, 2016  

Thanks to a total lost touch with reality WH and the likes of Hillary/ Obama mistake.. By the stupid Americans..  Starting with politics.. We now again have to entertain the idea of EMP preparedness as well as possible fall out depending on how they go about it if this accelerates.

macroman3 @ 1:00

Posted by Maya @ 2:45 on October 9, 2016  

LOL! “Brick meet TV”.

They say you never want to see how sausage is made…. nor look in the  kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant.   I worked in television for decades behind the scenes.  I can’t watch.  I know how it’s made, and I start yelling at the screen.

Nice to see you here again… it gets lonely sometimes here at the Gold Zombies club.

Anybody else gunna watch the Jerry Springer show tomorrow night?

Posted by macroman3 @ 1:00 on October 9, 2016  

never did see 2 minutes before and I get an hour and a half tomorrow?

Brick meet TV

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