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GO silver!

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:46 on January 31, 2021  

silver sizzling

Posted by treefrog @ 23:18 on January 31, 2021  

thirty dollar silver by noon?

i wouldn’t bet against it.


But before you take on the commodity markets, better read up on Nelson ‘Bunky’ Hunt

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:18 on January 31, 2021  
Popular Narrative: “After Citadel, we’re going to squeeze shorts in silver.” Reality: We’re actually rooting for you on this one, since precious-metals markets are manipulated by unmitigated scumbags. And, yes, your merely having announced last week that silver is in your cross hairs seems to have provided a little added boost to silver quotes on Thursday and Friday. But before you take on the commodity markets, better read up on Nelson ‘Bunky’ Hunt, a billionaire when that was real money, but also a trader smarter than all of you put together. He got crushed trying to corner silver even though he’d done everything right. Hunt would have succeeded if Comex had not raised margin requirements to such heights that only two players were left in the game: Hunt and Eastman Kodak.  This killed speculative demand, and eventually Hunt himself.


How Gamestop’s Nuttiness Will Change the Coming Bear Market

Popular Narrative:  The Reddit/Robinhood mob (RRM) has declared war on hedge fund biggies, and so far the smart money has been getting its butt kicked. Reality: The damage so far is just a mosquito bite on the behind of hedge fund elephants like Steven A. Cohen, and the Reddit mob a five-year-old who has discovered where Daddy keep the matches.

Short Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:39 on January 31, 2021  


Covid truncated Zephyr



Posted by ipso facto @ 21:58 on January 31, 2021  

Hopefully this one got to the right place. 🙂

David Morgan silver squeeze interview

Posted by goldcountry @ 21:47 on January 31, 2021  


Strong gaps on Monday

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:37 on January 31, 2021  

When a market opens with a strong gap up or down, many times a brokerage house is liquidating positions on which margin calls have not been met. Silver markets are the most shorted metals market. Palladium is another market in which the shorts were fried.

A bull raid on the shorts here could send physical silver in orbit unless the CFTC steps in  like the Hunt brothers fiasco in the 1980’s.


mRNA vaccine interview with Dr. Lee Merritt [vital to know] Bio-warfare and Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid

Posted by silverngold @ 19:35 on January 31, 2021  

Listen to some truth about the manufactured Covid crisis, and your limited future after receiving the “vaccine”.

Comex silver

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:45 on January 31, 2021  

Strong gap up on early hours trading. I might leave a big gap on the weekly. Looks like $34-$36 may be the next stop.


FYI Just Noticed, Silver up $1.73 or 6.4% to $28.64, Gold? Up $6.90 or .37% to $1,857

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:38 on January 31, 2021  

Silver is definitely out performing Gold Silver up 25% in the past 3 months.


On the 18 month view, Gold up 24% Silver up 63%. Palladium up 39%. Copper up 28%.



Posted by Pict @ 18:34 on January 31, 2021  

Spot and Futures opened 6+% or so. Not too dramatic. SM is next up in the morning. Getting that ole 1980 tingle again.  GL Traders.

Re The Short Players Getting Their Heads Handed To Them.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:18 on January 31, 2021  

Another thought here. The Fed has been keeping rates low to support the stock market. Rates really can’t go much lower. I assume if there were never any people that have a habit of shorting, (head winds) prices would probably be higher.

So, if this latest news event fiasco lowers or inhibits the population of short players, (less head wind) it should help the Fed’s support of the stock market when they can’t lower rates anymore.

Plus they keep saying they want inflation. So the Bozo Bankers and others that constantly like to short the precious metals, if they start backing off too and covering shorts, and PMs go thru the roof, that should help the public have some inflationary phycology. The Fed keeps saying they want some inflation.

By the way. I went to Gun Broker dot com to check Ammo prices. Go look, its crazy. 25-06, 30-06, anywhere from $2/rd to $4/rd depending on the maker and the quantity being bought. .223 $1 to $2 a round, Expensive Federal Ammo I saw$2.90/rd for .223. Pretty much everything is over a $1, even 9mm.

Believe AMEX Is Sold Out

Posted by commish @ 18:16 on January 31, 2021  


rule 589

Posted by aurum @ 17:13 on January 31, 2021  

can shut down silver futures trading based on certain contract price changes

probably stocks would then also be suspended?  we will see.


Maddog check your emails

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:12 on January 31, 2021  

Maddog are you still having trouble posting?

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:24 on January 31, 2021  

I will take no answer to be affirmative.

dark pools

Posted by aurum @ 16:14 on January 31, 2021  

borrowed from dark pools: https://twitter.com/darkpoolcharts


Dark Pool Charts (Algo Tracking)


#silversqueeze you say?!! Hell yeah $XME at dark pool cluster support and ready to go



Posted by aurum @ 15:22 on January 31, 2021  

As I mentioned have a position in PSLV.  But I have long held a position in CEF sometimes more sometimes less.  Perhaps I have been fooled, but I have come to trust the Sprott products.

I am surprised you can’t find a work around.  Setting up a foreign account for example but makes accounting and tax issues.  Why are they banned?  Baffling.



added: I prefer to pick my own stocks because of charting technicals and also I worry about geographic risk.


Posted by silverngold @ 15:11 on January 31, 2021  

Putin and Macron Differ at Davos…..20 minutes

After being stomped on for so many years it would be great to get some payback. Those effers owe us!

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:40 on January 31, 2021  

Meme to be?

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:37 on January 31, 2021  

He He not us Bugz

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:32 on January 31, 2021  

“Everyone Is Afraid Ahead Of The Open” – Reddit-Raiders Spark Nationwide Physical Silver Shortage


How much of this crap can people take and there’s 4 yrs to go–stop the insanity! England is worse!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:31 on January 31, 2021  

Virginia Task Force Drops Gang Database After Complaints It Has Too Many Minorities In It

teaser image

A tolerant country needs tolerant databases…

Reddit Users Going After Silver for ‘Biggest Short Squeeze in the World’

Posted by aufever @ 13:31 on January 31, 2021  



Posted by Maddog @ 13:12 on January 31, 2021  

I think it’s probably fair to say, that many of the worst beatings we have all had, is from individual stox, diversification should be a byword in PM stox investing.

The Sprott juniors gives u a peaceful night sleep, while being exposed to a good selection of the wildest stox around, if metal prices really take off….and if 1 or two blow up, it’s not the end of the world.

Here in the UK/EU, we are banned from buying it …which really grates.

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