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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:46 on February 3, 2021  

Border wall. That’s another sector of construction that put people out of work and endangers the border patrol.
I wonder if it’s hurting their swamp state drug business.

Ororeef 22.57

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:41 on February 3, 2021  

There was a agreement made on both sides Mexico and Canada. Mexico should of expanded it to their southern neighbors as well. That the asylum seekers have to stay in the first country they enter. We also send millions of dollars to South America so which is it?
Why would this Judge reject this? Perhaps we need to place the seekers in his neighborhood. All of them. He should have no problem with that.

This is a reason why Chief Justice should be recalled ..he decides which cases the court will hear..

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:57 on February 3, 2021  

Supreme Court Removes Cases Defending Trump Border Policies

WASHINGTON, DC-JAN 27: President Trump will most likely fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court this year. Many expect him to put forward a conservative justice that will tip the balance of the court. This will particularly be important as conservatives hope to overturn cases such as Roe v. Wade. …
Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC – The Supreme Court removed two high-profile border security cases from its docket on Wednesday, one concerning the Trump administration’s building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and the other concerning keeping migrants in Mexico while their petitions to enter the United States are pending.

The Biden administration advised the justices that the government was reversing course on both matters and that rulings from the Court might no longer be necessary, and so the justices started the process for dismissing the cases.

Midnight gardner

Posted by Aguila @ 22:51 on February 3, 2021  

Hey I’m about as redneck as a yankee can be but the bill didn’t call for repeal of castle protection.  Go read it for yourself.  Get the facts.  Its readily available on the WWW.  Chill.  She might have said some really really stupid things but read the bill.

Midnight Gardener @ 22:15 on February 3, 2021

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:44 on February 3, 2021  

Her next door neighbor should past an arrow sign that the neighbor will co-operate ..in event of robbery..

In Texas yet….

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 22:15 on February 3, 2021  
And I thought most of the socialist clowns were up here in Kanaduh.
Y’all just can’t fix stupid

Is it possible for someone to be dumber than AOC???


In Texas, State Representative Terry Meza (D-Irving) has introduced HB196. Her bill would repeal the state’s “castle doctrine.” This doctrine allows a homeowner to use deadly force against an armed intruder who breaks into his home.
Now listen to what she has to say…
“I’m not saying that stealing is okay,” Meza explained. “All I’m saying is that it doesn’t warrant a death penalty. Thieves only carry weapons for self-protection and to provide the householder an incentive to cooperate. They just want to get their loot and get away. When the resident tries to resist is when people get hurt. If only one side is armed fewer people will be killed.”
Meza was quick to reassure that her bill “would not totally prevent homeowners from defending themselves.
Under the new law the homeowner’s obligation is to flee the home at the first sign of intrusion. If fleeing is not possible, he must cooperate with the intruder. But if violence breaks out it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure no one gets hurt. The best way to achieve this is to use the minimum non-lethal force possible because intruders will be able to sue for any injuries they receive at the hands of the homeowner.”
“In most instances the thief needs the money more than the homeowner does,” Meza reasoned. “The homeowner’s insurance will reimburse his losses. On balance, the transfer of property is likely to lead to a more equitable distribution of wealth. If my bill can help make this transfer a peaceful one so much the better.”


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:45 on February 3, 2021  

Since your broker is giving you trouble maybe put in your stop losses instead of watching manually incase the site gets tied up if they have them but not right away. Don’t do it at bottom cuz they’ll reach down and grab it before it moves up. That turned be off to stop losses cuz they like to take them out before a move up but in a situation it’s already moving up or something like this silver squeeze attempt maybe as it gets closer to your target start moving up your stop loss so if they lock you out or your not around and a reversal happens fast you already have it in place. I guess you can do it with options too.
I tried to call my broker too and they didn’t answer. I didn’t need them but if you can’t trade you will need to call them and no answer.
I’d put up some safety nets IMO


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:02 on February 3, 2021  

Yeah a different sound and different color flasher. Waiting for police back up just delays precious minutes.
Sounds like they need more help and scattered around in those towns too.
I remember when in LA I saw a neighbor I knew who was divorced from a abusing husband and he was at her door trying to kick it in. I went to call the police but they put me on hold. I though what if I was calling because someone was bleeding or heart attack or choking or something.
I couldn’t believe it.
He didn’t get in because of him not paying child support she was broke so I went over and put in a chain lock that screwed to the wood in the wall. He broke the door lock by kicking it in but couldn’t get through the chain lock. The police got there fast but not fast enough because of being on hold so as they were pulling up he drove off. Then the police asked her what is she doing with that baseball bat lol


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:57 on February 3, 2021  

“a different sound”

Yes they should be different. Where I live they make a different sound … and I think that’s probably true in most places in the US.

Ipso 16:45

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:58 on February 3, 2021  

Perhaps for the sake of preventing a accident or attacks on EMTs and that they or their family might need themselves one day they should have a different sound for them. It’s not likely it seems that police would give warning in those cases anyways.

As far as those nuns they’re no words except a few verses in the Bible and wolves in sheep’s clothing. I think this is what broke up orphanages and and who knows who they could of adopted them out to either if they would knowingly put these children in harms way. Sounded like a lot of abusers who have this sick attitude they might as well get something out of them. That was a whole system failure the states equally responsible.

Don’t know if it will help the stock but RGLD beats

Posted by Buygold @ 17:57 on February 3, 2021  

Royal Gold Q2 EPS $0.92 Beats $0.87 Estimate, Sales $158.40M Beat $151.40M Estimate

4:13 pm ET February 3, 2021 (Benzinga) Print
Royal Gold (NASDAQ:RGLD) reported quarterly earnings of $0.92 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $0.87 by 5.75 percent. This is a 46.03 percent increase over earnings of $0.63 per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $158.40 million which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $151.40 million by 4.62 percent. This is a 28.11 percent increase over sales of $123.64 million the same period last year.

Run Luigi Run!!! ………………… No not the Onion

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:45 on February 3, 2021  

Italian mafia orders ambulance drivers to stop using sirens because they disturb drug dealers who mistake them for police


Maddog, Vlad Putin?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:36 on February 3, 2021  

Mr Copper

Posted by Maddog @ 16:16 on February 3, 2021  

Vlad likes Palladium, any shorts better be carefull….look at Oil.

Mr. Copper

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:47 on February 3, 2021  

It’s pain avoidance!

Thank God there’s a tomorrow.

Maddog @ 13:15

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:46 on February 3, 2021  

Yep I’d say those nuns weren’t acting too “Godly!” I wonder what else went on? The devil sure made a visit to them, got comfortable and stayed.

Doggy Smiles Here, Good Appraisal :)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:39 on February 3, 2021  

What the hell, I just bought 200 X at $16.40.

Palladium metal and ETF may have bottomed few days ago. High volume bar on a low. I’m on it with SBSW the old Stillwater PGM company in Montana was taken over.


Another Palladium View:


FYI United States Steel, Ticker X, Its 120% up In Six Months

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:38 on February 3, 2021  

And its been on a decline from a 225% high on 1/12/21, and today its sporting above volume, Day Bar so it may be a S/T buy here today. Maybe the Biden Pipeline news knocked it down, and other investors are thinking Steel is still a good bet, so a lot of “traffic” coming in and going out at the same time?


Perspective view:



Posted by Maddog @ 14:35 on February 3, 2021  

Where did they all go…probably down the pub, if they were open to drown their sorrows….so they are probably in the shed, necking a bottle of Rye, to beat the pain, in their wallets…..

@Maddog @Ipso facto, Where did everybody go today? Golfing? Doctor’s appointments? Vaccinations?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:22 on February 3, 2021  

“Lets Put Some Lipstick On This Climate Change Pig Economy” Joe Biden. Lets Put Some Lipstick On These Stock Bonds and Real Estate Pigs, Jerome Powell

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:15 on February 3, 2021  

Fed Chairman Powel’s Salary $203,500:

“For 2019, the annual salary for the Fed Chairman is $203,500. The annual salary of the other Fed Governors is $183,100. The members of the Board of Governors, including the Chairman, are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate.

Comment: Geez, we have cops here making more than that. How can he be qualified? I guess people that are smarter, that run their own businesses, and make millions or billions per year would not be interested in a low paying job.

But Trump I remember refused to take a salary. And financed his own campaign. He must have wanted to join the swamp, and get some inside information to glean profits, and get gov’t contracts LOL.

re the Dotcom Bubble, tech bubble burst, March 10th 2000 the final peak. And Today’s Everything Bubble, LOL

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:57 on February 3, 2021  

“Lets Put Some Lip Stick On This Pig” You guys remember those commercials? How about Channeling Stocks Dot Com? Remember? “This young office worker is retiring early thanks to ChannelingStocks.com. He traded the same stocks, buying when they were low and selling at their peaks, to make himself a continual profit. At least he’s leaving behind his stapler.”


The dotcom bubble, also known as the internet bubble, was a rapid rise in U.S. technology stock equity valuations fueled by investments in internet-based companies during the bull market in the late 1990s. … It would take 15 years for the Nasdaq to regain its dotcom peak, which it did on April 23, 2015.”

The dot-com bubble (also known as the dot-com boom, the tech bubble, and the Internet bubble) was a stock market bubble caused by excessive speculation of Internet-related companies in the late 1990s, a period of massive growth in the use and adoption of the Internet.

“The crash that followed saw the Nasdaq index, which had risen five-fold between 1995 and 2000, tumble from a peak of 5,048.62 on March 10, 2000, to 1,139.90 on Oct 4, 2002, a 76.81% fall. By the end of 2001, most dotcom stocks had gone bust. Even the share prices of blue-chip technology stocks like Cisco, Intel and Oracle lost more than 80% of their value. It would take 15 years for the Nasdaq to regain its dotcom peak, which it did on April 23, 2015.”

News from April 1999,

Last January, leading online broker Charles Schwab & Co. reportedly had fifty-five million hits at its Web site in one day.(2) It also registered more than one billion hits at its Web site during the entire month as record numbers of investors accessed online trading accounts and research.(3)

Nearly all online brokerage firms are experiencing increasing demands on their system resources. Indeed, so far this year there reportedly has been a thirty percent industry wide surge in online trades to 440,000 transactions each day.(4)

Additional assaults on system resources are likely. One recent industry analysis forecasts that the number of online trading accounts will nearly quadruple from approximately 6.4 million online accounts in 1998 to 24 million online accounts by 2002.



Today’s stock markets seems like a repeat of the 1990s cycle top. Except in March 2000, Commodities were at a rock bottom 20 year down trend and a 120 USD index. Plus this Dow SnP uptrend is a lot stronger. It just shrugged of the COVID like a sneeze. Lets wonder, predict, and bet, on what the next big event will be.

A crazy GameStop up-spike type chart with the US Dollar?? Or a crazy GameStop up-spike type chart with Silver and Gold?

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 13:23 on February 3, 2021  

I bet that Cologne story was released by Vlad, from the Compromat files, as a warning to Frau Merkel, to not get too heated up, about him jailing Navaltny !!!!!

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 13:15 on February 3, 2021  

Re Cologne

There is something very sick in parts of our societies….Here in the UK there have been loads of stories like that, that all get suppressed and ‘forgotten’ about very quickly……

We had a famous one in London, involving children in state homes and when one of the victims accused a very senior politician Margaret Hodge, of covering it all up, she said he was mad and it was swept under the carpet…again…..then a couple of years later Blair made her Minister for Children !!!!!!

The bitch is still in active politics.

My Maths was wrong regarding SLV inflows….last 4 days is 3415 Tonnes…all bt no problem, while the US Mint can’t find a Silver spoon

Posted by Maddog @ 12:02 on February 3, 2021  

Here is what I expect to be a deluge of articles wondering just how SLV can buy 3400 Tonnnes of Silver no problem, while others are eyeing their Grannies Silver Tea pot, maliciously !!!!!


He also quite rightly ask’s, how the hell anyone can trust JPM as custodian of SLV !!!!!!!

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