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Posted by Richard640 @ 13:22 on February 7, 2021  
Why Are So Many Americans Stockpiling Guns, Silver, & Food Right Now?
Well professor, I’m glad you asked:
1.  Because they see that our elections are rigged.  Even the Left sees that the election was fraudulent.
2.  Because they see that our institutions have failed us.  Government, high education, law enforcement, the medical community, the press, the justice system, the alphabet agencies, our military, and our political parties.  Faith in anything is not just zero but negative.
3.  Because the MSM creates hysteria by design.
4.  Because BLM and ANTIFA were allowed to destroy neighborhoods and cities and nobody lifted a finger to do anything about it.  Thousands of Conservatives demonstrate in DC and all of the sudden the military shows up.  Talk about hypocrisy.
5.  Speaking of hypocrisy, we’ve seen a healthy dose of that this year.  “For thee but not for me” should be put on our next paper currency.
6.  Because lying has become the norm from government.  
7.  Because law enforcement is not going to help anyone at any time.  2020 demonstrated that fact.  And, what’s more, they’ve seen what happened to the McCloskey’s.
8.  Because the Left is going to try to overturn the 2nd Amendment by hook or by crook.
9.  Because the promise of the internet and big tech has been turned against the American people.  They don’t offer innovative products they offer spyware.
10.  Because massive government debt never ends well for the citizens.  Never has.  Nope, not once.
11.  Because American loathing communists and socialists are in the White House and control both house of Congress.
12.  Because civil war is a very real possibility and nobody wants to go to battle with a dead guys gun.  Bad karma.
13.  Because they see what a farce COVID is and – given all of the lies, disinformation and outright dictatorial actions by governors – people are rightly suspicious that something more sinister is going like “the great reset”.
14.  Because we are now an oligarchy and oligarchy’s are not friendly to the average person.
15.  Because there is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  People see they’ve been had and aren’t playing the game anymore.
16.  Because race relations have never been worse and because Caucasian’s are the scape goat for everything that afflicts the black community.

 I used to love this country and it’s people, I hate it now


The new Democrat-Bolshevik regime intends to implement the forcible “redistribution of the wealth” from the productive and honest portion of society, to its parasitic voting bloc. Only the kulaks in America are far less likely than their Russian counterparts in the 1920s to meekly surrender their guns and await the Red Terror.


Because there’s one-party rule in this country now.

And that party has used street thugs, vote-rigging, and every dirty trick in the book to force half of the country into saying that 2+2=5, gender is a construct, and communism=prosperity.

That’s why.


Because they are not that smart to be honest. Same sh1t happened after Obama won and they sat on losses then too thinking some Mad max world was coming. Silver is about a useless an investment as it gets. And top non-rec use of guns is to shoot oneself or friends/family, usually accidentally.

Where are all the men? The feminization of the European and American male.

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:56 on February 7, 2021  

‘Burn it down!’ Antifa, BLM protesters clash with police, threaten to torch DC

Left-wing Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists marched through Washington, D.C., on Saturday as part of a “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally.”

Organized on Twitter, the event began at 2:00 p.m. but wound up lasting all afternoon and night, eventually devolving into the extremists walking down residential neighborhoods while chanting, “If we don’t get it, burn it down!”


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:41 on February 7, 2021  

Now their working on the military trying to do the same.
I can only see this as trying to make up a military that is complicit to its demands even if it includes firing on the citizens and in this case conservative patriots, constitutionalists and Christians that don’t vote for them our communists. Good luck with that.

Saul Alinsky Makes No Sense

Posted by commish @ 9:28 on February 7, 2021  

Because I am …



Morning Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 9:26 on February 7, 2021  

Certainly agree with this:

“The Media has grown to simply be a trouble maker.  They got people looking at each other and complaining about each other.”

The libtards and globalist/socialists want nothing more than that. Right now of course anyone who supported Trump is the main target. Eventually they will eat their own.

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