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copper prices …

Posted by treefrog @ 23:46 on February 17, 2021  

…creeping up towards $3.90/lb.  there looks like a copper shortage brewing.


an unexpected benefit of ivermectin

Posted by treefrog @ 22:31 on February 17, 2021  

WOOF !!!

i have been busy in the garden these last few weeks, and the chiggers are active.  these are tiny bugs (arachnids, not insects) that thrive in moist, cool environments (it’s been rainy here since christmas) and bite people causing an itchy welt.  no real health hazzard, they don’t carry any diseases, but the itching is annoying-very annoying.

well, when i took ivermectin ( 10 mg orally, every other day, 3 doses total for a 150 kg frog) the chiggers bothered me MUCH less.  not really surprising, i have been dosing dogs with ivermectin for years to combat fleas and ticks.  fleas and ticks = bloodsucking bugs = same as chiggers.  i figure each chigger bites me ONCE, and gets a dose of ivermectin and dies instead of biting me multiple times.  one itchy welt is much preferable to a dozen. (hydrocortizone cream deals quite effectively with the itch.  the dollar tree brand is just as good as the high priced spread)

as a prophylactic against the dempanic?  i don’t know, but i haven’t caught the virus yet.

…i didn’t catch it before i took the ivermectin either, so, who knows what that means?


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:02 on February 17, 2021  

I should go there someday. Maybe not to live but visit my grandmothers on my fathers side grave. She was from there.

I think WEST virginia

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:22 on February 17, 2021  

IS THE BEST PLACE TO  LIVE IN THE FUTURE  ,,,,,iTS MOSTLY WHITE its the WHITEST STATE in the Union  ,no riots in the streets ,its got plenty of COAL a dependable heating supply ..looks good to me,,shh dont tell anybody..


Posted by Ororeef @ 20:33 on February 17, 2021  

SHUTTING down oil pipeline while TEXAS Windmills stay frozen cutting Texas electricity in HALF..  GOOD move Biden ……Your a genius….WIND the energy of the FUTURE …its clean as the SNOW accumulating on the propellers of the turbines..

The truth is leaking out …

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:00 on February 17, 2021  

Twilight Zone As ETF Provider Warns Buying Silver Will Harm Hedge Funds And Large Banks



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:36 on February 17, 2021  

Hiya Maya

Glad you made it!

We didn’t get hacked. The server we were on got shut down with no notice and we had to migrate the site to a new server. We are now hosted by Dreamhost. Although we are still in arrears to the last host, Dreamhost will be much cheaper and we will have control over our own destiny.


Gold Train’s back

Posted by Maya @ 19:26 on February 17, 2021  

Out of the darkness, into the fog


Found It!

Posted by Maya @ 19:22 on February 17, 2021  

Looks like I’m a latecomer here.  My old link ended with the “wordpress” suffix and got me blank screens… till I tried the root directory now at “goldtent.com” alone.

Note that some of the internal software links are still broken.  The “Oasis Forum” image at the upper left will direct you to the wrong page.

What the H happened?  Did we get hacked?  I was thinking the censors at Langley didn’t like us and had us eliminated.

ipso facto

Posted by commish @ 17:14 on February 17, 2021  

Got it.


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:03 on February 17, 2021  

Glad you made it!

Make sure that you bookmark this page right now. The older bookmarks are not working properly.

Using Firefox

Posted by commish @ 16:38 on February 17, 2021  

Just get a blank page. Microsoft Edge I never use and got in. The censors are flexing their muscles.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:35 on February 17, 2021  

Tks for those premiums……it is only a matter of time, that Crimex will have no metal to deliver,as who in their right mind would deliver Silver at a near 50 % discount….they will melt their silver into 1000 oz bars and sell them at a 50 % premium.

Anyone delivering into Crimex now, should have their arses sued, for criminal stupidity/corruption.

Mr Copper 15:14

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:56 on February 17, 2021  

I know there’s no way I would pay those premiums short of a currency meltdown. It was affordable just before as I bought a little bit and wanted to start collecting pre 65 silver.
Then the youngsters so to speak decided to short “ squeeze” silver. Boom everything margin went up. Kinds funny thing is that especially through PMs is they’re learning to take profits before it goes back down again or should I say gets pulled back down again.
I think they might even organize something who knows we’ll see. They’ve been studying it, including the 1980s silver corner the market, their not wanting to make the same mistakes.

@goldlocks roger all that Thanks

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:14 on February 17, 2021  

I just got back from Costco, loaded up snow on its way. Considering the $28 drop in Gold I’m surprised, the miners didn’t drop much at all. I just checked bulk coin prices  at APMEX. The prices are crazy, saying FU to the spot prices.

For example

Gold Eagles a full fresh 20 coin roll each ounce is $186 over $1778 spot $1,964/oz.

Silver Eagles? A 500 ounce sealed box, $12.29 over $27.50 spot, $39.81/oz.

Evidently its the US mint that wants more than spot, because the dealers always were happy with $50/$60 over spot and if you sold back, gave you $25 over spot. Or being short supply, the dealers are making higher offers to get shipments.

So even with low spot prices it doesn’t do any good. You have to PAY. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:46 on February 17, 2021  

It’s the Bad Neighborhood of Planet Earth!

Some years ago read an account of the British experience there in the early 1800’s and their retreat from Kabul. Horrific!

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:43 on February 17, 2021  

Re Afghanistan …What a God forsaken shithole it is…just been reading this Wiki on it…..not the best place to hang out for that last 3000 years plus !!!!


To all tks regarding SSRM

Posted by Maddog @ 14:31 on February 17, 2021  

Bought it the same time the Good Lady bought PAAS, about 7 years back….PAAS has doubled since…..SSRM gone nowhere……Ipso u say had OK numbers…..it’s down 7.5 % tdy, more than twice other Silver stox…..the scum love bashing it…..

So tempted to dump it…but know as soon as I do it will go parabolic…..drats.

So called “graveyard of empires”

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:31 on February 17, 2021  

Were 20 years of blood and treasure wasted? As US, UK and NATO allies prepare to pull out troops and hand Afghanistan to the Taliban, how conflict cost $825billlion and 3,500 dead troops

NATO chiefs are meeting for two days of talks this week, with Afghan withdrawal at the top of the agenda
The US is currently committed to withdrawing all forces by May, with NATO expected to follow afterwards
Joe Biden may yet reverse the decision, but if he pushes ahead it will bring to an end two decades of war
Fighting has cost NATO at least $825billion, seen 3,500 troops killed, and achieved few of its stated aims



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:04 on February 17, 2021  

Yeah, he had stage 4 lung cancer I believe. Sad to hear such a long time familiar voice now in Gods hands. I didn’t always agree with him until he chose Trump over Cruz although mostly did but I liked listening to him. At least he was intelligent. I’m glad that Trump awarded him a medal. He earned his.


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:52 on February 17, 2021  

Cancer evidently.

A man with a lot of sense.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:26 on February 17, 2021  

Oh no Rush is gone?

Maddog @ 12:40

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:25 on February 17, 2021  

OMG That’s our President! Woe is us.

Ps Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:25 on February 17, 2021  

You know you can make money both ways if you want. Same thing though set your stop loses if you margin anything. I haven’t done any margins get cuz I can’t sit and watch them and since I haven’t dome them so don’t know how stop losses or sell targets can work without me being present and don’t have time for that.

RIP Rush Limbaugh

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:20 on February 17, 2021  
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