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drb2 @ 21:30

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:32 on February 21, 2021  

That sucks! Hope you didn’t have too much in there.

Search – “Locked out of my Coinbase Account”

Posted by drb2 @ 21:30 on February 21, 2021  

Coinbase – World’s largest cybercurrency brokerage.

I’m going on month 4 – LOCKED OUT !!!

  • no phone number
  • impossible to contact a HUMAN
  • no chat
  • BS email Auto Replies
  • No recourse, NO nothing!



Bitcoin topped $58,000 today

Posted by eeos @ 17:16 on February 21, 2021  

On fire. It’s only going to take a few BTC whales that could decide to buy some Gold or Silver

Probably the dumbest part of the bubble: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-01-26/is-bitcoin-mining-worth-the-environmental-cost

So yes Gold has ugly environmental impacts too, but I like it b/c you can see it and know exactly where it is. Instead of a jump drive. Gold mining is easily identified and taxed, where BTC is just random computers in rooms. Good luck trying to find them. Miners are mostly in Iran and China they say. Miners have also bought up all high-end GPU’s (Graphics Processor Unit) which are essential in so many technical computer fields.

Gold Seeker Issue #51 ~ This Week in Mining: Gold Looking Weak, Earnings Season in Full Swing

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:36 on February 21, 2021  


Here’s another link , to last night’s interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 4:52 on February 21, 2021  

www.usawatchdog.com , now on Rumble. Hunter was banished by YouTube .

The follow-on interview with her on Rumble really lays it out , called ‘The Global Lockdown’ (by ‘The Resistance.video)

How does it work ?

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 4:40 on February 21, 2021  

How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett #074

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