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Posted by silverngold @ 21:56 on September 11, 2021  

Dr Young will give you an education with provable facts on what he is saying, and I’ve found it very interesting. I think you will too.

Marburg is not new

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 21:05 on September 11, 2021  

The map goes back to 1967 in Germany .
A WHO scare tactic ?


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:05 on September 11, 2021  

Looks like the Pilot in the video may have been mistaken about Marberg being new.

WHO hasn’t declared the Marburg virus the next pandemic

Just Say NO

Posted by Maya @ 20:02 on September 11, 2021  

Good article by Luongo: Just say NO to Biden’s call for civil war.

Make them throw the first punch.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:47 on September 11, 2021  

Thanks, Was was trying to cook. If I stopped and checked for everything they’re up to Id never get anything done.
I think we need a force field from these attacks on our planet. The Congress isn’t doing anything.

…and did a search under WHO

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:08 on September 11, 2021  

It is spelled Marburg .

Thanks , Goldie – I remembered it was the QUANTAS pilot

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:06 on September 11, 2021  

and listened again , got it , posted , then saw you had done the same , LOL .
Thanks .

Marberg or Marburg – not sure how WHO spells it…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:04 on September 11, 2021  


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:59 on September 11, 2021  

Me too. The pilot in the video called it Marberg or Marburg not sure how it’s spelled.

Goldie – I heard about a new virus (not A Coronavirus mutation/variant)

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:53 on September 11, 2021  

I believe the name begins with M and is not Nipay (from 8 months ago) , but did not see it spelled out , so did not retain the name .
That means a new and different experimental vaccine to kill us with .

A Pilot who worked for Qantas for 53 years rant.

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:23 on September 11, 2021  

It looks like another killer virus might be coming our way.
So very sad what’s happening to good people by a few bad that feel morally superior over a vaccine.

This is over the top. I vaguely heard about this Marberg sp virus while concentrating on the current.
He warned this is not over. There currently working on a vaccine for a virus we never heard of.
From destroying lives and careers in 08 then H1N1 by vax cabal moved in, Obama making a economic mess while empowering terrorists and few years relief with Trump
now we’re in a apparent man made depopulation event.
He hasn’t even been able to see his grandchildren for yrs.



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:45 on September 11, 2021  

Ps Speaking of herd immunity. I’m guessing the want to push the vaccine on people who already had it even when data came out they are 13 times better protected than a vaccinated person for a reason.
I think the reason is besides getting society to submit to their demands is that if they exempt those who already have antibodies everyone who had it and thought they had it would get proof or tested.

That could jeopardize their herd immunity theory if enough people had the antibodies and could shut down their cash machine and power play and or all the millions they couldn’t vaccinate. That would include children who had mild and negligent symptoms.
I also hold suspect to the amount of people they say they already vaccinated.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:23 on September 11, 2021  

One of mine got vaccinated but my girls will not on a matter of data and principle.
You also know they’re not treating the virus. It’s like getting a lung infection and they tell you to stay home till you can’t breathe anymore and then still don’t properly treat it and now trying to ban ivermectin.
The medical school push vaccines and herd immunity theory.

So someone tells you, you must take the vaccine. You say why I’m already immune.
They say there’s a chance you can get it anyways. You say there’s a chance you can get it anyways if your vaccinated.
They say well you’ll just have a milder case. You say since you already had the virus your better protected and if you got it you also would likely have a milder case.
They say well you can give it to me.
You say they’re vaccinated. They say but I can still get it. You say but if you do you’ll just have a mild case so what are you worried about.
This is not about health.

“I don’t care to take this poison but you must”

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:34 on September 11, 2021  

Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden Vaccine Mandate


Aquila, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 15:26 on September 11, 2021  

Aquila- my nephew and I are both ex-military and have had Covid and neither of us will be getting the jab. This is the hill all of us need to stand on. Like you, we cannot give in. If we do we are getting the mark of the beast and giving them full control. I can’t do it.

Goldie – as you know my son is a doctor and daughter a nurse. They are both pro vaccine. My son is working in pediatrics and is seeing young kids and newborns who have contracted the Delta Variant. The U of K hospital is at capacity.
I admire both my kids, but since I’ve had Covid it’s hard for me to discern what needs to be done.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:44 on September 11, 2021  

Side Biz on the other hand sounds good. Especially if you compete with the business and barters avoid paying into a corrupt government that currently don’t deserve a penny of our money.
It appears there going to spend as much as they can as get as much power as they can because they know they’re incompetent and will go bust.

Aguilla and Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:36 on September 11, 2021  

Here’s a idea for you. My youngest still has her job without being vaccinated and I didn’t say much to her about it prior to mandatory threats she refused on her own and sends me stuff on it all the time.
She went out and got a religious exemption and still has her job.
You can use that as a backup while to mobilize other workers by asking them what they feel about it and how many are they.
Jobs should be backing their experienced workers not the CDC. The same people who put list of vaccines out there they want kids to get that is always attempting to add more.
Hopefully there is some pastor or religion of choice that can give you a exemption.
If they try to fire you you can sue them.

Sng 11:52

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:19 on September 11, 2021  

That looks like parts of California now.

Anybody getting it yet??? Obama/Biden, same difference!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:52 on September 11, 2021  


Buygold 0819

Posted by Aguila @ 11:22 on September 11, 2021  

You and me both brother.  What an incentive to go full time on side biz.

Found at Jesse’s Cafe

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:17 on September 11, 2021  

“Recently, Palantir Technologies, the secretive software company that collects and analyses huge amounts of data on behalf of clients which include a broad array of US intelligence and spy agencies, announced in a that it had purchased $50 million in gold bars as part of an investment strategy…
Probably more than any other commercial technology company in the world, Palantir, due to it’s access to US Government data and other Governments’ data around the world, that could show patterns, shifts, and potential risks in the future political and economic landscape.

So when Palantir buys a large quantity of physical gold bars and states that it has bought physical gold as a hedge against black swan risk events, then you better sit up and take notice, because this is no ordinary corporate treasury investment and no ordinary company.”

Ronan Manly, Can Corporate Treasurers Afford to Ignore Palantir’s Gambit on Gold?

ah, the joys of the rural weekend

Posted by treefrog @ 11:10 on September 11, 2021  

i just spent an hour crawling around under the belly of my riding lawnmower.  at first, i thought i had lost the clutch cable.  it turned out that it was just the clutch return spring that had come adrift.  fixed it with my superleatherman.  it’s a little loosey-goosey, but it works.  it cuts grass.

CDC the vaccine cabal is now dictating what doctirw can give and can’t give so is complicit with racketeering IMO now telling doctors not to give ivermectin.

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:35 on September 11, 2021  

What happen to, Let the patient be your teacher?”

CONCLUSION: Based on the totality of the existing evidence above, the FLCCC strongly
recommends ivermectin be used in both the prevention and treatment of all phases of COVID-19
in both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.
Retracted Research
The totality of evidence for ivermectin is large enough that removal of any single data set, trial or
study has minimal impacts. The integrity of one study in Egypt (Elgazzar et al) out of the then 28
RCT results available, was recently called into question. While we share the concerns about this
study, the removal of its data from the most comprehensive meta-analyses did not change the
conclusion that ivermectin is highly effective in both prevention and treatment.

CDC is Blocking Doctors from Writing Prescriptions for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

LA made this picture of Newsom. I’m guessing they feel the same about Biden and LA is pretty much a blue city.

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:21 on September 11, 2021  

I’m waiting for them to have one where the horses and cows get together talking about the shortage of Ivermectin.

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:12 on September 11, 2021  

50 Shades of Hay

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