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Buygold and SNG

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:40 on October 31, 2021  

Christine Anderson for President!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:34 on October 31, 2021  

Departing Durango


silverngold @ 21:01

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:29 on October 31, 2021  

I think it’s true!

For instance … ipso facto @ 18:52

Got this from The Corbett Report but it is a FWIW until proven correct since it’s from the Hal Turner Radio Show

Posted by silverngold @ 21:01 on October 31, 2021  

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight


Goldie and Ipso

Posted by silverngold @ 19:54 on October 31, 2021  

Goldie….. Dr Zelenko knows his stuff IMO, so if you (or anyone else) know of anyone who got the Jab(s) and now regrets it and wants to try to eliminate that jab from their system, Dr Zelenko  is their man….again IMO!!

Ipso…..I agree with Buygold. Christine Anderson is a treasure worth promoting and supporting and defending for her courage to stand so strongly for what she knows is right!!


Ipso, I’m with you 1000%

Posted by Buygold @ 13:58 on October 31, 2021  

She made a great speech and called out the other MEP’s for being silent.
Exactly the type of leader we need in government!

Sometimes the truth peeks out. Kudos to Christine Anderson!

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:23 on October 31, 2021  

“In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the wellbeing of regular people. What makes any of us think that it is different now. – Christine Anderson European Parliament.”

Well folks

Posted by Buygold @ 9:52 on October 31, 2021  

in addition to some eco numbers we’ve got a Fed Meeting which they will either start the taper of bond buying or continue to jawbone about it. I don’t see how they do it without the bond market blowing up but I’m usually wrong.

I guess I’d also expect the SM to take a hit if they taper, but who the hell knows?

Sorry Maya

Posted by goldielocks @ 3:22 on October 31, 2021  

Part of the link got in your space I don’t know how to fix but it didn’t block yours.


Posted by goldielocks @ 3:12 on October 31, 2021  

That was a good video. For those who haven’t been watching or putting the pieces of the puzzle together should watch it. Although at the same time if they haven’t been paying attention they may not understand.
At the same time there are these front line doctors who are not only looking deep into this virus perhaps so deep they can’t say because it will just bring them trouble they don’t have time for, but into curing the adverse effects of the vaccine.
They know the vaccines are causing the variants like Dr Zelenko mentioned.

These videos are for the long haulers “ long term problems with Covid” and vaccine injured where he can stop the inflammation
thats causing the adverse effects and his web site. I mentioned it before but maybe save it if one of your friends or relatives wind up suffering from post Covid or vax adverse effects.
Try to keep in mind the medicine used because it gets anatomy and physiology involved in his terminology but those who have it would be literally looking in a mirror and might get it. It appears Statins one of them used for short term in treating it has some benefit against Covid.
Dr Patterson with Dr Mobeen.

Covid long haulers Dr Patterson site.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:37 on October 31, 2021  

The Southern Crescent



Posted by Maya @ 2:35 on October 31, 2021  

Confirming what we already knew…  he’s so full of it he can’t hold it back.

Biden POOPS himself at the Vatican (rumor in ROME)

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:44 on October 31, 2021  

My name is joe biden and I approve of this shit

X22 Report. IMO well worth the time to watch and understand.

Posted by silverngold @ 23:46 on October 30, 2021  

Dr. Zelenko – We Are Living Through A Global Bio Weapon Attack, People Have The Cure To Fight It

Forgot to post the COTR

Posted by Buygold @ 17:52 on October 30, 2021  

Here it is:

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)

Hoping for better results instead of these COTR’s as the year goes on..

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:19 on October 30, 2021  

Kyle is a athlete and professional bike rider.
He got the second jab and wound up with peri carditis and beginning of myocarditis plus POTs and currently disabled.
When they talk about withdrawing they’re talking about the syringe looking to see if they hit a blood vessel. Like you would for a IM injection not done with a sub q injection.
However some people have less fat tissue plus the person giving it may be in the wrong place.
The vax they believe went straight into his blood vessels.
It also gives info on things you can take to help heal.
Kyles vax experience.
How many parents know what their children heart rate is or how to take a pulse or know what symptoms that require immediate medical attention? The only thing a child can say is they don’t feel good or hurt somewhere.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:36 on October 30, 2021  

Gamblers futures market along with some really stupid people in politics.
They’ve been outsourcing everything for years including our medicine and are now just talking about it like it’s a new thing? Products invented and made here are outsourced and then copied.
I’ve watched the show Shark tank a few times and they always appear to offer to partner with a inventor BUT most always want to outsource their product for more gains. I was glad to see a few of them refuse even if they wouldn’t of made as much money.
Then I seen one of them complaining that China was copying a product but what did he expect?

Judging Values Is Complicated “1969 CHEVY CORVAIR ONLY 459 ORIGINAL MILES – $26,995 “

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:59 on October 30, 2021  

Its dirt cheap. This car was stored for 52 years. He tried many times to sell it. Conservatively, a one car garage rental is $100/mo or $1200/year, cheap storage fee. Fifty two years at $1200 comes out to $62,400.

So the buyer, he gets $62,400 of free storage plus the car for only $27,000. The seller stored the car in 1969 for a future buyer that would want that car. The seller doesn’t doesn’t get enough money to cover his storage value. So the buyer at $17,000 and avoiding the $62,400 52 years of storage fees, is getting the car for free. at $27,000

1969 CHEVY CORVAIR 500 ONLY 459 ORIGINAL MILES – cars & trucks – by… (craigslist.org)

Here’s another bargain. Restored 1969 Camaro, for $85,000.

Stored or re-stored, same thing. Seller asking $85,000, buyer getting discount $62,400 52 years of storage value and paying $22,600 more to get the car = $85,000 asking price. Plus the seller said the resto cost $125,000. Stored and re-stored cars are under valued.

1969 CHEVY CAMARO RESTOMOD, LIKE A NEW CAR – cars & trucks – by… (craigslist.org)

@goldilocks re prices and values

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:48 on October 30, 2021  

If every commodity is valued on the gamblers futures markets and the Unit of Account changes in value up and down, then we can’t assume values or costs are correct or right. No way of knowing whats over priced or under priced, until a shortage or a surplus happens.  The prices alter the supply and demand, NOT the other way around.

For example if gasoline is cheaper than it should be, people will buy boats and motor homes, waste gas, and producers will get hurt and cut back supply. If gasoline is too HIGH?? People use less, dump the motor home cheap, and producers like the high price and produce MORE to capitalize on the price, leading to a glut or surplus that leads to lower prices. There is no equilibrium or stability.

The growing poverty is from Americans gleefully buying foreign made consumer products since 1970, bon apatite, combined with a very low standard wage. That holds down all the other wages, if the base is too low. However some union jobs have kept up and surpassed inflation.

I think we are seeing signs of global socialism failing, as it should.  And they are resorting to using borrowed and counterfeit money to pay bills. A slow motion failure transition. Or reversal. Its time to be hopeful, cold turkey withdrawal from a fake economy, no pain no gain.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:12 on October 30, 2021  

I seen a lot of good people get hurt in both the housing crash and the domino effect it took on jobs. My neighbors for instance the husband was retired from the fire department lost their home the first year in it. The young people who bought it when they were still selling at higher prices with jobs freezing wages they kept that way for years by the way and laying off though they got a deal we’re next.
Parents were also using their saving to help kids who were laid off. It was a mess that hurt everyone. Actually that’s when many of the poor profited off it when the bottom was in we’re buying the houses they previously couldn’t qualify for changing neighborhoods say higher drug use etc.
it made a lot of middle class poor forces people to live in stagflation while some business profited and ruined a lot of baby boomers retirement.
They’re bring up how to make it easier for people to save fir retirement “now “ after the damage they caused and mentioned something like 25 percent have zero savings. What they fail to consider is they lost their savings and equity and now with inflated prices squeezing any income they might have how can they save?
Now they want to bring in millions of illegals to support at who’s expense? Those private spots you mentioned may someday be no more when people start living on top of each other and supply’s get rationed or get even more expensive.
I remember you said maybe food prices aren’t high enough or just catching up. That’s not what’s going on so was that a joke? It’s said this Thanksgiving is going to be the most expensive yet for family’s.

I’m also getting wind that a big part of the problem off Calif with the container ships sitting off the coast not having enough Trucks is GAS PRICES that doubled after Biden got put in office. Another demo fail. Like maybe their waiting for the prices to go back down? With the current looney left not likely to happen. I can imagine filling those trucks has got to be pricy. Now it’s doubled or more than doubled. That with all the billions paid off for electric cars solars and other alternative electricity in Calif it only changed electric use by 6 % but yet they want to make everything electric in a few years not to mention they can’t even support the demand now.

@goldilocks re your “You’d fit right into the politicians who would blame the people instead of themselves for what they done.”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:38 on October 30, 2021  

I don’t know how you got that idea or view of me. After all these years? I’m surprised at you. I always tell people that have had big economic or financial trouble, and disappointment?  I tell them “It was not your fault, its the governments fault”. “Don’t feel bad” “Don’t blame yourself” “Its a gamble economy” “The system will make a smart person look dumb, and make a dumb person look smart”.

A friend of mine had built 12 high end townhouses during the real estate boom of 2001 to 2008 after 9/11 and the dot com bust. They were supposed to sell for $469,000 and up, but the permits and the project took too long and the real estate crisis hit before he finished.

He was extremely upset, a huge layout of money. Plus he had to pay property tax $6,000 each unit, $72,000 per year while empty. He was desperate. He sold the best end unit for $350,000, and had to start renting the others with option to buy. We used to hang out in one of the units. He was feeling very bad, and he knew I was doing good at that time with stocks.  Thats when I told him,

“Steve, it was not your fault, its the governments fault” “Don’t feel bad” “Don’t blame yourself” “Its a gamble economy” “The system will make a smart person look dumb, and make a dumb person look smart”.

Then the wise ass that he is, says to me ? Is that why you look smart now?” LOL implying I’m dumb and he’s smart.


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:33 on October 30, 2021  

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:08 on October 30, 2021  

You’d fit right into the politicians who would blame the people instead of themselves for what they done. I don’t know any “ poor” that could pay 20 percent down on a home or get loans for cars without income to support it. Those 2000 dollar cars turned into 30 thousand or more. I could use a 6 yr loan them pay it off in 2 yrs but would leave that option.
Making it too easy for people to buy homes destroyed to whole housing markets while good paying jobs at the same time where people couldn’t even sell that had no involvement in the scam.
A lot of people your age if they had to do it over again now probably wouldn’t be able to. Those 2 thousand dollar cars and 20 thousand dollar homes no longer exist.
It was and still is a attack on the middle class. I seen it in their greedy eyes years ago, to eliminate the middle class to whats considered rich or poor just like Mexico or other third world country’s. I’m just waiting for the fences and private guards to appear next in neighborhoods.
Some areas like where my mom lived the police were obligated to be there in 2 minutes and pebble beach area you had to have a pass to get through.
Eventually it will be worse than that everywhere. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to live in that kind of country but then I don’t see people pouring into these third world countries either. Yet but perhaps the mess they’re making out of this country, it might be a better option someday.

Forget Reset, It’s More Like Covid Is Shuffling The Deck of The Global Economy

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:42 on October 30, 2021  

Even our domestic economy deck of cards is being shuffled. Many people that lost jobs to Covid started doing other things to make money. Lately I’m hearing people that don’t want to be forced into vaccination are finding other jobs.

This loss of workers I heard is creating opportunities for importing more immigrants to fill positions.

On top of all that? There are problems with the old vulnerable stupid supply chain habits that developed, making China get wealthy to build up their military so they can play Army with the USA did we did with USSR until they ran out of money first and they imploded.

like WW II, was a shuffling of the deck. Bomb and destroy established business lives and property to create millions of new opportunities.

Globalization was another bad idea for long term just like sub prime liar loans turned out bad later on. Globalization gradually destroyed the massive well off USA middle class after 1970 to 2008 crises the blow off end of a trend.

I called it in 2008, Globalization culminated with too many poor Americans that didn’t have any savings accounts for 20% down payment home loans. And the old three year new car loan of 1970? Evolved to a six year car loan to accommodate lower incomes. It also caused leasing cars. You pay off half the car and then give it back?

The 2008 Financial Crisis Caused by Desperation to Support the Real Estate Market as Wages Were Falling

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:05 on October 30, 2021  

Anybody remember zero down no documentation 105% liar loans?

Many of those loans were predatory products such as hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages with balloon payments that required serial refinancing, or negative amortization, mortgages that increased the unpaid balance over time.

I was talking to someone that had one of those trick loans. The climbing payment combined with climbing property taxes that went from $8k to $17k the payment tripled.

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