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Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on November 4, 2021  


Buygold, Mr Copper, Alex, Goldielocks, Ipso….and every other poster or follower on the Oasis. The following I received from another SNG friend who sees and understands where we are right now and where we need to be putting our thoughts, time, and effort in preparation for what is lurking just around the corner. It points out that some things are more important than Silver and Gold. All The Best To You, and I hope this message will be read by all since it is one of the most important you will ever receive (or passed on by)

Posted by silverngold @ 16:58 on November 4, 2021  

Prophetic Signs Versus the “Other Shoe” :: By Jonathan Brentner
Published on: November 2, 2021 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles
What comes to your mind when you hear the expression, “waiting for the other shoe to drop”? For many, it signifies the anticipation of an inevitable event, often with negative consequences.

According to Idioms Online, the phrase has been around for a long time:

“This expression probably has its origin in boarding or rooming houses of the early 1900s, where residents were crowded into multiple tiny rooms and the walls were thin, or from multi-floor apartment dwellings in cities like New York and Chicago, where one tenant’s bedroom was always directly underneath another.

So, when someone came home and took off their shoes, it would be normal to hear a thud when one shoe dropped, and then a second thud when the other shoe dropped.” [i]

In many ways, this describes the times in which we live, does it not? Believers who are aware that we live in the last days recognize the many indicators of Jesus’ soon intervention in the world, which will begin with the Rapture, followed soon by the Tribulation. For us, the “other shoe” will be joyful and wonderful, but for the world, not so much.

What are the prophetic signs that “the other shoe” is about to drop?


The second rider of the apocalypse signifies the occurrence of great wars after the church is safely in heaven with Jesus (Revelation 6:4). The world is progressing in this direction at an alarming rate.

During the past several weeks, we have heard repeated accounts of China flying dozens of military aircraft at Taiwan and of its army training for an amphibious landing. Many believe it’s just a matter of time before they invade the island nation, as it has long been their goal to annex it.

Will the U.S. defend Taiwan and become involved in a war with China, one that could escalate into a nuclear confrontation? Will China strike first at American interests to keep it from getting engaged? Does China’s new supersonic weapon that can rapidly circle the globe before striking its target factor into this? Is China bluffing on its intentions toward Taiwan?

We do yet not know the answers to the above questions, but all the saber-rattling is disconcerting.

Russia recently unveiled a missile that can travel many, many times the speed of sound and strike faraway targets in a matter of minutes. China also tested a similar weapon of mass destruction that can circle the earth several times before unexpectedly wiping out its target. Radar will not be able to see this missile until the last minutes or seconds before impact.

The words of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 come to mind in light of these technology advancements by Russia and China: “While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them….” Is this shoe ready to drop?

Gog and Magog

Another potential flashpoint for war lies on the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights. For the past few years, the aligning of nations and the buildup of forces in Syria have closely matched the prophecies of the Gog-Magog war as described in Ezekiel 38-39. At times this war seems very close but so far lacks the needed spark to elevate the tensions to the all-out war described in these chapters.

A few weeks ago, Amir Tsarfati predicted that by the end of 2021, Iran would either have a nuclear weapon or that Israel would attack them. Either scenario could easily push the Middle East to the all-out war such as described by the prophet Ezekiel.

Scripture does not tell us the timing of this war in regard to the Rapture. I believe it will happen several months afterward, but it’s also possible it could happen very soon after Jesus takes us home or perhaps simultaneously.

The preparations for this war tell us that this shoe is already dangling in the air.

Economic Turmoil

When Jesus opens the third seal, great economic turmoil results due to hyperinflation (Revelation 6:5-6). I believe that the U.S. has been on the edge of such a collapse for several years. The printing of money and enormous debt will someday destroy the economy here and cause great economic turmoil throughout the world.

Senator Rand Paul recently warned of future inflation that will be worse than anything we have ever seen in the U.S. We already see the signs of this, and it’s about to get much, much worse.

This “shoe” should have dropped years ago, but I believe the Lord is sovereignly and supernaturally keeping it from hitting the floor until after the Rapture.

Many economic experts predict dire conditions this winter in America due to soaring energy costs and critical shortages of needed supplies. They believe that a financial crisis similar to 2008 lies in the very near future. [ii]


If anything seems like a harbinger of the coming seven-year Tribulation, it’s the culture of death that circles the globe and characterizes many governments, especially the Biden administration.

Although what I see already shocks me, I know conditions will get much, much worse during the coming Tribulation. The fourth rider of the apocalypse, “Death,” will make anything that has happened in the history of the world seem small by comparison (see Revelation 6:7-8).

The planned COVID-19 outbreak, “vaccine” deaths, and deadly mandates are just the tip of the iceberg. Should it not alarm us that those who openly seek to depopulate the world have become the most outspoken proponents of the COVID mRNA injections?

The National Institute of Health (NIH) in America recently admitted that it funded “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan lab in China. That’s nothing less than a euphemism for weaponizing the coronavirus to make it more transmittable and deadly.

The globalists planned the creation of this super virus, the timing of its release, and the vaccines, which do not stop the transmission of COVID-19, nor do they prevent people from dying as a result of succumbing to the virus. They only lessen the severity of the virus for a short time after the injection.

The New World Order

For the people who live in Australia, this shoe seems to have already dropped. They already experience many of the draconian and tyrannical conditions that will characterize life on the earth during the Tribulation period.

In the U.S., a concerted effort is underway to destroy the fabric of our nation so that it yields to the desires of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to impose its economic Great Reset on us. This agenda is none other than the coming New World Order as described in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Leo Hohmann, an investigative blogger and reporter, describes the headway that President Biden is making in his effort to collapse America so that it will have no choice but to yield to the global powers that seek to form this new world order:

“Just like with his other policies, such as opening the borders to hundreds of thousands of unvetted military-age migrants and unleashing crushing inflationary pressures on the economy, Biden’s injection mandates were a calculated move to collapse America.

The humiliating way in which the U.S. exited Afghanistan was also planned to maximize negative feelings among U.S. allies while emboldening U.S. enemies abroad.

The military, the healthcare system, law enforcement, the airlines, the rail lines, the supply chains, the electric grid — they are all going to fail within the next six to 12 months. None of this critical human infrastructure can survive losing 20 to 30 percent of its workforce. If they do survive in some hollowed-out form, they will increasingly only serve the needs of wealthy elites — not the general public.” [iii]

Please know that it’s possible that the resistance to the vaccine mandates may delay the timing of Hohmann’s predictions, and America may survive longer. Just as with the economic turmoil, the Lord may sovereignly intervene and delay the collapse of the U.S. for several years.

On the other hand, if the mandates go forward as planned by the Biden administration, the other shoe could possibly drop rather quickly for the U.S. in the coming months or years.

A strong America would never succumb to the globalist’ designs of the WEF. Earlier this week, the U.S. President told the American people that his legislation, which he calls “The Build Back Better Act” (yes, this title comes directly from the WEF playbook), will cost U.S. taxpayers “zero dollars.” This is most certainly a lie; it will cost them everything in the end, including their freedom.

The objective of those who control Biden (the deep state) is to destroy America. The supply chain disruptions are intentional and will last until they have served the purposes of the globalists in contributing to the collapse of America. This shoe may hit the ground soon!


An essential component of the Great Reset is transhumanism, the combining of humans with machines or more with distant computing networks that will monitor their every move and control them.

Klaus Schwab, the founder and leader of the World Economic Forum, refers to transhumanism as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which he regards as a key component of his “build back better” agenda. The two go hand in hand.

How will this “Fourth Industrial Revolution” both start and continue? I wrote four previous blog posts on this topic starting with, Transhumanism: The Plot to Control Your Life. In these articles, I demonstrate how the globalists plan to do this through vaccines that will, over time, inject mini processors into the human body that will monitor one’s every move and later control those infused in such a way.

Please know that the current COVID “vaccines” are NOT the mark of the beast that the antichrist will impose upon humanity during the Tribulation. However, why participate, or continue to do so, in something that has the intent of leading humanity to the place of slavery and inescapable perdition that the coming lawless one will impose on humanity?

The Rapture

If I correctly understand 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11, and I believe that I do, then those of us in Christ anticipate hearing a shout and the sound of the trumpet. For us, the “other shoe” points to a joyful and glorious event that we pray will happen soon.

There is much joyful hope in the imminent return of Jesus! He could come at any moment in the near future, or He may make us wait longer. Regardless, we possess the hope of the New Testament saints who believed that Jesus would come for them before any of the events of the seven-year Tribulation. That is what imminency means, and we possess this joyous hope!!

The Rapture will fulfill the words of John 14:2-3 as well as 1 Corinthians 15:50-56; it will signify the beginning of eternity for us as we instantly receive imperishable bodies and Jesus catches us up to meet Him in the air. This moment will be glorious beyond what we can envision at the moment.

For those left behind, “the other shoe” will be the sudden destruction that will initiate the day of the Lord after the Rapture of the church. This “other shoe” will come with many terrifying consequences for those outside of Christ as they endure God’s wrath, as described in Revelation 6-18 and in many places throughout the Old Testament.

If you do not yet know Jesus as your Savior, please call upon Him now. In my post, Salvation In No Other Name, I explain how you can know that you have eternal life by trusting Jesus alone for the forgiveness of your sins. He died on the cross bearing the punishment for your sins so that you might live forever.

Please know that there’s incredible hope despite the severity of the time in which we live. Whether or not you believe what I write, the reality is that the walls are rapidly closing in on our world.

My intent here is most certainly not to scare people but to wake up believers to the time in which we live and call upon those outside of Christ to call upon Him while you can.

You never know when the other shoe might hit the floor.

Jonathan Brentner

Website: Our Journey Home

@MadDog, @Buygold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:45 on November 4, 2021  

Roger those. I think Gold is insurance for the end game, so we just have to wait. Like all the banks and gov’ts too, that store Gold, are sitting on Gold to maintain their anti currency collapse insurance. This whole system has been an accident waiting to happen.

Its like an out of control whole sale dumping of of dollars to buy stocks bonds and real estate. And the day late dollar short Fed of course has no balls to tap the breaks. Its too late now to blame Covid for the next currency crash fiasco.

And if stocks bonds and real estate start collapsing paper dollars will GAIN value against assets. The panicked Sellers will be taking wheel barrels of shares to buy some groceries. And if they leave the wheel barrel untended someone will dump the shares and take the wheel barrel. I gotta go now. 🙂 Its good to have both cash and Gold.

Dot Com Bubble Two? Re Dow, SnP, and Nasdaq, Lets Not Forget Real Estate. :)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:30 on November 4, 2021  

Check out the Indices five year charts. Reminds me of the recent Lumber charts. They say, a bubble is invisible to the people inside the bubble. The Covid dip just looks like a blip.


Below, long term SnP chart. The Dot Com 9/11 crash and the Sub Prime loan crash also look like blips. This chart does not look healthy for going long. Or is Hyperinflation going to continue in corporate profits and their assets?

Postscript Document (mrci.com)

Maddog, Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 16:21 on November 4, 2021  

I can’t speak for anyone else but I dumped my trading positions within the first hour or so this am. I can never rely on anything pm to hold the gains for an entire day.

Try again tomorrow, no matter how disappointing it always turns out.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:57 on November 4, 2021  

Where did everyone go…..I expect they were checking under the cushions of their comfy chairs, to see if any of their rich friends had let any coins slip out, so they could maybe buy some supper.!!!!

@Alex Valdor re One in four Australians know someone who has committed suicide

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:35 on November 4, 2021  

We could say, the Covid Crash was the same as the 1929 Crash and WW II. Major Resets. Many people committed suicide. The system seems to like to destroy itself so it can come back stronger. 1929 crash led to WW II after the global economy was destroyed in ’29, and came back strong after WW II. Many jobs, businesses, and real estate were freed up inherited money.

Much infrastructure destroyed also created many job openings and inherited wealth, the Post War Boom. I’ve seen the Bozo Bankers over the decades raise rates (take away the punch bowl)  until the eyeballs were popping out of the domestic economy, and at the last minute, the Bozo Bankers would DROP the rates and create a “Relief Rally”.

They did that before Papa Bush was up for election, to create the Bush Recession and get rid of Bush, he was in his third term. Two with Reagan and one by himself. It was the democrats turn for the next 8 years. I don’t think it was coincidence, that the Democrats and Republicans the Uni-Party presidents always got 8 years each. Makes it look like a fair two party system. Both parties net sold us out.

This time around lately the 9/11 and the 2008 crash was a big reset. They got things spinning good after 2008, note skyrocketing Stocks bonds and real estate. But they can’t raise rates or take away the punch bowl to slow down those heated up markets. Then take the blame for crashing asset prices and a following recession.

So, out of nowhere, strange coincidence, instead of rate hikes, along comes a handy useful alternative, a global Covid crash, but the collapse in asset prices was VERY short lived and got even more heated up than it was BEFORE Covid. So Covid didn’t work to take the punch bowl away from uncontrolled buying of stocks bonds and real estate inflation hedges.

And the Economy is a big losing mess like a tangled up fishing line instead. The “Covid Relief Rally” is NOT working too good or at all.

Apologies if this has been posted already …

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:48 on November 4, 2021  

One in four Australians know someone who has committed suicide in the past year !


Where Did You All Go? Doctor Appointment? Golf? The Diner? Afternoon Delights?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:47 on November 4, 2021  

Very Strange Action, Gold up 1.69%, Silver up 3.05%, And Their Miners Doing Nothing Much Most are Red

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:44 on November 4, 2021  

Hi Silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 12:03 on November 4, 2021  

I thought that might have came from your David Icke post – which I’m sorry I have yet to watch.

I like Icke – been a long time since I’ve listened to him.

Something big and crazy is going on in this country and around the world. Maybe it’s as simple as the mark of the beast.

All I know my friend is that things are speeding up and I’m tired….

One pound of uranium is capable of producing as much energy as three million pounds of coal through fission.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:57 on November 4, 2021  

Dubbed “the architect of the nuclear age”:

American-Italian physicist Enrico Fermi`s experiments in 1934 led to the development of nuclear reactors and the exploration of uranium’s use in warfare. The resulting technology gave way to the creation of the first nuclear bomb used at Hiroshima, Japan and the subsequent bomb used at Nagasaki, Japan during World War II.

Pitchblende, autunite, carnotite, torbernite, uraninite, and uranophane are natural minerals that contain uranium. Mining processes include in-situ leaching, open-pit, and underground mining. One pound of uranium is capable of producing as much energy as three million pounds of coal through fission.


Uranium was $137/lb back in 2007, before they put it on the futures markets to manipulate it. In fact I posted back then that Uranium would have to go down go down after putting it on Futures.  In 2016 it bottomed at $18/lb. Its been weaving and bobbing up like gold since early 2016 also. There are some Uranium miners to play.


FWIW but it seems to be happening right on schedule, regardless of what is exposed. I hope a few are waking up. I’ve tried and wish you all the best from Silverngold!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:49 on November 4, 2021  
Is this true?? Saw it on a feed and it seems to be unfolding on schedule.
Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist sent this out Thursday. We are approaching Stage 5 – Phase 5: Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022)
and most people still think we are going back to normal!?
Phase 1: Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019-March 2020)
– Mount a pandemic in China.
> – Kill tens of thousands of elderly people.
> – Increase the number of cases and deaths
> – Position vaccination as the only solution from the beginning.
> – Focus all attention on Covid-19.
> Result, (almost) general panic
Phase 2: Sow the tares and division. (March 2020-December 2020)
> – Impose multiple unnecessary, liberticidal and unconstitutional coercive measures.
> – Paralyze trade and the economy.
> – Observe the submission of a majority and the resistance of a rebellious minority.
> – Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.
> – Censoring dissident leaders.
> – Punish disobedience.
> – Generalize PCR tests.
> – Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead.
> – Disqualify all effective treatments.
> – Hope for a rescue vaccine.
> Result, (almost) general panic.
Phase 3: Bring a treacherous and deadly solution. (December 2020-June 2021)
> – Offer a free vaccine for everyone.
> – Promise protection and return to normality.
> – Establish a herd immunization target.
> – Simulate a partial recovery of the economy.
> – Hide statistics of side effects and deaths from injections.
> – Passing off the side effects of the injections as “natural” effects of the virus and the disease.
> – Recover the notion of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.
> – Justify the maintenance of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.
> – Punish health professionals for the illegal exercise of care and healing. –
> Result, doubts and feelings of betrayal among the vaxx, discouragement among opponents.
Phase 4: Install Apartheid and the QR code. (June 2021-October 2021)
> – Voluntarily plan for shortages.
> – Impose the vaccination pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated, punish the resistant.
> – Create an Apartheid of the privileged against the others.
> – Take away the right to work or study from non-vaxx.
> – Withdraw basic services to the non-vaxx.
> – Impose PCR payment tests on non-vaxx.
> Result, First stage of digital control, impoverishment of opponents
Phase 5: Establish chaos and Martial law. (November 2021-March 2022)
> – Exploit the shortage of goods and food.
> – Cause the paralysis of the real economy and the closure of factories and shops.
> – Let unemployment explode.
> – Apply a third dose to the vaxx (boosters).
> – Take up the murder of the living old men.
> – Impose compulsory vaccination for all.
> – Amplify the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.
> – Demonize the anti-vaxx and hold them responsible for the dead.
> – Arrest opposition leaders.
> – Impose digital identity on everyone (QR code): Birth certificate, identity document, passport, driving license, health insurance card …
> – Establish martial law to defeat the opposition.
> Result, Second stage of digital control. Imprisonment or removal of opponents.
Phase 6: Cancel the debts and dematerialize the money. (March 2022-September 2022)
> – Trigger the economic, financial and stock market collapse, the bankruptcy of the banks.
> – To rescue the losses of the banks in the accounts of their clients.
> – Activate the «Great Reset».
> – De-materialize money.
> – Cancel debts and loans.
> – Impose the digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet)
> – Seize properties and land.
> – Ban all global medicines.
> – Confirm the obligation to vaccinate semi-annually or annually.
> – Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.
> – Extend the measures to emerging countries.
> Result, Third stage of digital control. Extension of the NWO to the whole planet.
Copy and paste this and
Share share share

Looks like the usual scum reversal is in place

Posted by Buygold @ 11:36 on November 4, 2021  

HUI set to go negative. Metals sure to follow.

USD screaming higher, the nightmare continues.

Most people are not fools …

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on November 4, 2021  

Defund the police candidates stumble in liberal Seattle

Seattle’s downtown business community celebrated Wednesday after the moderate candidates it backed took commanding leads in the races for mayor, city attorney and a key council race over liberals who had called to defund the police.



Posted by Maddog @ 11:11 on November 4, 2021  

My other half the one with all the brains , or so she says…says that GPL made it clear that the wall/production problem could last to Christmas, some time ago….todays numbers shud not be a shack.

But there does seem to be a scum group, that pounds any miner with bad No’s, as soon as they are announced even though they shud not be a surprise, as here.

Russian analyst who helped compile Steele dossier arrested in U.S. probe -New York Times

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:02 on November 4, 2021  

WASHINGTON, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Igor Danchenko, a Russian analyst who helped compile the so-called Steele dossier, was arrested on Thursday as part of a U.S. special counsel probe into the origins of the FBI’s investigation of potential ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, the New York Times reported.


Maddog re: GPL

Posted by Buygold @ 10:43 on November 4, 2021  

Bad luck – yes, but as you say scum is forcing a lot of selling and will likely continue to do so through year end. Too typical of a lot of these miners.

Speaking of selling, HUI 260 was firmly rejected – no surprise there.

Edit: Speaking of surprises, the only surprise today is that pm’s are doing OK given the move up in the dollar. Rates on the 10 yr. are quite a bit lower though.

Appears rates are calling the Fed’s taper bluff.

Here we go Au @ 1800 and AG @ 24…….scum sitting on them.

Posted by Maddog @ 10:42 on November 4, 2021  

B2Gold sees imminent end to Mali row over Menankoto

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on November 4, 2021  

Canada’s B2Gold (TSX: BTO) (NYSE: BTG) remains optimistic about solving an impasse with the government of Mali, which refused in March renewing the miner’s permit for its Menankoto exploration project, located 20 km north from its flagship Fekola gold mine.

Since beginning its activities in Mali in 2014, B2Gold had enjoyed a “positive and mutually beneficial relationship” with the country’s government, according to chief executive Clive Johnson.

B2Gold sees imminent end to Mali row over Menankoto


Posted by Maddog @ 10:26 on November 4, 2021  

Re GPL…one of their 3 mines has a problem with a wall, so bad they are damn near closed.

It looks like bad luck…but of course the scum are selling hell out of it.

To me GPL is a stock that needs the metals flying and then it could roof it..but of course the scum may make sure that can never happen…

Yields on Chinese Company bonds flying

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on November 4, 2021  


Great Panther – GPL

Posted by Buygold @ 10:08 on November 4, 2021  

Getting crushed even more on terrible earnings. I’m wondering if it will go bankrupt. The action looks a lot like Great Basin Gold a decade ago.

I was hoping it might be a good buy at $.50 but it’s just gotten worse.

The Tyrant

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:06 on November 4, 2021  

White House Expands Vaccine Mandate To Cover 80 Million Workers

The White House has just released new policies requiring all companies – big and small – to coerce their workers into accepting the vaccine, or face termination, as the Biden Administration continues to up the pressure on all working Americans to get vaccinated before Jan. 4.

According to Axios, President Biden is planning to announce Thursday that employers with more than 100 workers on their payroll must guarantee that their workers are fully vaccinated, or tested weekly, by Jan. 4, 2022. If not, they could face federal fines starting at tens of thousands of dollars per offense.

What’s more, health-care workers will face even tougher restrictions which will effectively require every health-care worker in the country to be vaccinated, or lose their job, despite the fact that millions of health-care workers have already been infected with the virus by natural means.


Maddog – Concur

Posted by Buygold @ 10:01 on November 4, 2021  

This rally has gone on for years. I have no idea when it will end, but if I had known prices would have blown up like they have, I wouldn’t be posting here about the pm sector.

What’s happened in the SM is what I’ve thought would happen to the pm sector, but I’ve been waiting for two decades, with a lot of fits and starts. Worse than that though is the HUI that has been to 600 a couple of times and now at 250.

Speaking of the HUI, looks like 260, $24 and $1800 will not be breached today as much as I’d love to see it happen.

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