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Posted by Richard640 @ 23:58 on November 11, 2021  


solutions from outside the box…

Posted by treefrog @ 22:58 on November 11, 2021  

K-Tel Records

Posted by commish @ 20:50 on November 11, 2021  

Venezuelan currency

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 19:09 on November 11, 2021  

I just looked at the new currency of Venezuela. Looks like they knocked some zeros off the old Bolivar that was in use when I was there and changed the name. Exchange was 100000 to 1 old to new.

Doesnt much matter when the shelves are empty. They were getting bare last time I was there.


Venezuela rumors

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 18:59 on November 11, 2021  

A bartender at a pub I frequent in bogata is from Venezuela. He has mentioned a couple things on life there.

The USD is in use there like many parts of the world.

Like many families, this bartender sends money back to family there. This, he says is what lots of people do.

Any Venesuelans who could, got out of the country . Rumor has it there are at least 1 million in Columbia. Many fled to Panama.

Before it turned into a socialist paradise, I used to enjoy Caracas, but it has since decayed into a pretty rough place. Haven’t been there since about the time the exchange was about 50 to 1 USD. Not sure what it is now.  Ack then you could feel the tension in the streets, can’t imagine what it’s like now.

I also wonder how Maduro is still in power.


Midnight Gardener

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:41 on November 11, 2021  

Gotta wonder how people in Venezuela exist? I guess barter must be big or other currencies, precious metals ….

Amazing that Maduro is still in power.

Hedgeless Horseman talks about Eskay Mining

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:34 on November 11, 2021  

Eskay Mining (ESK.V): How Can I Put This…

Saw this in Bogata today.

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 18:30 on November 11, 2021  

Got gold?


Maddog @ 15:39

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:59 on November 11, 2021  

Sounds like you guys need some new management too!

Another decent day today! Dare we hope for another?

Did Any Of You Buy Or Sell Anything? C’mon

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:38 on November 11, 2021  

Short Squeeze Going On re BGFV

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:49 on November 11, 2021  

Maybe its the Redit Gang again. Short float 39%

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 15:39 on November 11, 2021  

The elderly are already in that situation in many countries,,,we have elderly who go to public libraries just to be warm, or because they get free bus passes, they ride around town to be warm, because the can’t afford to heat their homes and eat…..

the effing greens need lamposting …..


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:04 on November 11, 2021  

If “green” policies start causing people to be hungry and cold I think they’ll change their politics mighty quick!

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:28 on November 11, 2021  

The Germans have to pander to the Greens after the latest elections…..voting Green is the German act of defiance against the system…they could of course vote for the AFD, but they have been successfully demonised.

Re Transitory, Inflation, Defined as Increasing the Money Supply

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:27 on November 11, 2021  

Well, we’ve had stock market and real estate market inflation for decades. Same as unspent money supply. Maybe transitory means expensive Stocks Bonds and real estate will crash soon. LOL. All receivers of easy money. But nobody sells, or withdraws the profits, forever?

We have hoarders of houses and stocks, and bit coins too. Thank God there are so many dump sites to take in, absorb excess easy paper money. If all that money went into Gold, hard money, the end game would have happened long ago. I think we’ve all seen crazy chart patterns. Remember the Lumber chart? Some day we will see crazy Gold and Silver charts.

PS I need to know soon if Gold is going up tomorrow.

Shares look really good IMHO

Posted by Buygold @ 13:53 on November 11, 2021  

Metals too considering the strength in the USD once again. Rates flat but HUI looks really good. I’m a bit underinvested in the shares at the moment.
Maybe this rally of the last week or so is the real deal? If so, dip buying is in order.

I’m definitely ready to buy the dips. Most impressive is that our pm’s are going up with the dollar. Pretty rare we see that happen.

Goldie – response coming…..

Buy Gold

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:51 on November 11, 2021  

The communists pick which would be predictable, just shows people with a IQ over 50 that between her and communist female version of Elmer Fudd, Yellen and printing machine and The looney left borrowing to like Mr Copper said save themselves and exactly, this is NOT transitory inflation.
It’s by design. And who will profit the most off it. Russia and OPEC so it’s also a security issue.
The only good I see coming from it is it will make it harder to rig elections as the demos even want them out. They are learning they and their lap dog media had been lying to them too.
And pegging men as toxic masculinity while it’s okay for some thug to play matcho or some lazy out of shape cowardly fake news media to talk like they are while they have their hand out to their puppet masters, just not the real ones on their own merit, be doing and producing for themselves or others.

Check Out BGFV $42.41/sh Ex Div Date 11/30 pays 2.38%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:11 on November 11, 2021  

I made note to buy this thing, sporting good related, and it keeps running away. Maybe gun sales related. It broke a new high from 2004. Plus loads of insider sales on the lows, strange, and short interest 39%??

OLN also gun related re Ammo, making a new 37 year high.



@ Guys Re The Commies Acting Out Like Never Before, IMO Flailing

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:46 on November 11, 2021  

I like to think, and tell people around me, that the more stupid things the highly educated financial Idiots do the better I like it, because its bringing more attention to themselves and their lap dog media, and more and more people are seeing and learning like we did a long time ago. Our crowd I think is getting bigger, and their ass hole crowd is getting smaller.

I suspect that during the Trump years, when Trump had free speech (to speak for us) he exposed to the masses all the commie status quo nonsense. After 5 years of Trump “posting for us” letting all the cats out of the bag”, they must have subconsciously figured their future was in trouble, so “Lets get away with as much STUPIDITY as possible before its over”.

“Lets print or create and spend as much counterfeit paper money as needed to give away to prolong and delay our demise”

Buygold @ 11:07

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:29 on November 11, 2021  

That’s the problem.

Too many standing around with their finger you know where watching how things will turn out. (on TV)

That’s why the commies run the show because they act, connive, plot, etc.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:07 on November 11, 2021  

Elections will only carry us so far and only if they are free of corruption. Ours are not.

We’ll see how things shake out.

Buygold @ 8:18

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:53 on November 11, 2021  

That’s exactly what they are trying to do.

Then the good people at the FBI (heavy on the sarcasm) would have another group of idiots to arrest and push the control state further down the road.

Don’t do it.

Instead good people should be working on getting control of elections back.

I see Soros and friends are in Florida right now greasing every dirty bureaucrat  willing to take a bribe in this regard.

DeSantis better do something or they will Trump him next year too.

I think he knows but they probably threatened to JFK him like they did to Trump last year.

Fortuna Reports Third Quarter 2021 Unaudited Financial Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:45 on November 11, 2021  


Output of S. African miner Gold Fields jumps 9% in Q3

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on November 11, 2021  

Output of S. African miner Gold Fields jumps 9% in Q3

Pretty foolish viewpoint … totally green energy is just not feasible no matter how much resources you throw at it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on November 11, 2021  

Germany says nuclear energy will set back turning EU green


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