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Dr Fauci

Posted by commish @ 21:48 on November 15, 2021  

Here’s a short read in the Living Bible, Book of Daniel, Chapter 7 that sure sounds like the days in which we are living….IMO!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:15 on November 15, 2021  

In my dream I saw a great storm on a mighty ocean, with strong winds blowing from every direction. Then four huge animals came up out of the water, each different from the other. The first was like a lion, but it had eagle’s wings! And as I watched, its wings were pulled off so that it could no longer fly, and it was left standing on the ground, on two feet, like a man; and a man’s mind was given to it. The second animal looked like a bear with its paw raised, ready to strike. It held three ribs between its teeth, and I heard a voice saying to it, “Get up! Devour many people!” The third of these strange animals looked like a leopard, but on its back it had wings like those of birds, and it had four heads! And great power was given to it over all mankind.

Then, as I watched in my dream, a fourth animal rose up out of the ocean, too dreadful to describe and incredibly strong. It devoured some of its victims by tearing them apart with its huge iron teeth, and others it crushed beneath its feet. It was far more brutal and vicious than any of the other animals, and it had ten horns.

As I was looking at the horns, suddenly another small horn appeared among them, and three of the first ones were yanked out, roots and all, to give it room; this little horn had a man’s eyes and a bragging mouth.

I watched as thrones were put in place and the Ancient of Days—the Almighty God—sat down to judge. His clothing was as white as snow, his hair like whitest wool. He sat upon a fiery throne brought in on flaming wheels, and 10 a river of fire flowed from before him. Millions of angels ministered to him, and hundreds of millions of people stood before him, waiting to be judged. Then the court began its session, and the books were opened.

11 As I watched, the brutal fourth animal was killed and its body handed over to be burned because of its arrogance against Almighty God and the boasting of its little horn. 12 As for the other three animals, their kingdoms were taken from them, but they were allowed to live a short time longer.[a]

13 Next I saw the arrival of a Man—or so he seemed to be—brought there on clouds from heaven; he approached the Ancient of Days and was presented to him. 14 He was given the ruling power and glory over all the nations of the world, so that all people of every language must obey him. His power is eternal—it will never end; his government shall never fall.

15 I was confused and disturbed by all I had seen (Daniel wrote in his report), 16 so I approached one of those standing beside the throne and asked him the meaning of all these things, and he explained them to me.

17 “These four huge animals,” he said, “represent four kings who will someday rule the earth. 18 But in the end the people of the Most High God shall rule the governments of the world forever and forever.”

19 Then I asked about the fourth animal, the one so brutal and shocking, with its iron teeth and brass claws that tore men apart and stamped others to death with its feet. 20 I asked, too, about the ten horns and the little horn that came up afterward and destroyed three of the others—the horn with the eyes and the loud, bragging mouth, the one that was stronger than the others. 21 For I had seen this horn warring against God’s people and winning, 22 until the Ancient of Days came and opened his court and vindicated his people, giving them worldwide powers of government.

23 “This fourth animal,” he told me, “is the fourth world power[b] that will rule the earth. It will be more brutal than any of the others; it will devour the whole world, destroying everything before it. 24 His ten horns are ten kings that will rise out of his empire; then another king[c] will arise, more brutal than the other ten, and will destroy three of them. 25 He will defy the Most High God and wear down the saints with persecution, and he will try to change all laws, morals, and customs.[d] God’s people will be helpless in his hands for three and a half years.

26 “But then the Ancient of Days will come[e] and open his court of justice and take all power from this vicious king, to consume and destroy it until the end. 27 Then all nations under heaven and their power shall be given to the people of God;[f] they shall rule all things forever, and all rulers shall serve and obey them.”

28 That was the end of the dream. When I awoke, I was greatly disturbed, and my face was pale with fright, but I told no one what I had seen.


  1. Daniel 7:12 a short time longer, literally, “for a season and a time.”
  2. Daniel 7:23 the fourth world power, usually believed to be a revived Roman Empire; see 2:40.
  3. Daniel 7:24 then another king, probably the future Antichrist of 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4.
  4. Daniel 7:25 change all laws, morals, and customs, literally, “change the times and the law.” Perhaps the meaning is, “change right to wrong and wrong to right.”
  5. Daniel 7:26 the Ancient of Days will come, implied in v. 22.
  6. Daniel 7:27 the people of God, literally, “the people of the saints of the Most High.”

Americas Gold and Silver Corporation Reports Third Quarter 2021 Results

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:16 on November 15, 2021  



Posted by ipso facto @ 17:07 on November 15, 2021  

I don’t know the company but that’s sure a nice divvy they are paying out … and they’re making money, something not all mining shares are doing even at these lofty gold prices.

Whats With This Fortitude Gold? Any Opinions?? FTCO

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:57 on November 15, 2021  

Its a spin off Nevada mine from GORO. Feb 12th.  6% yield paid monthly? Fine print says div is not guaranteed. I got on and off at $7.22, too soon $7.63 today.


Alex Jones faces ruin as he’s found guilty in all four Sandy Hook defamation cases: Infowars conspiracy theorist is liable for damages after calling massacre a ‘hoax’ and the victims ‘crisis actors’

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:02 on November 15, 2021  


Buygold @ 11:09

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:35 on November 15, 2021  

Good luck!

Short term trading is a hard gig!

Another pretty good day all things considered.

Posted by Buygold @ 13:20 on November 15, 2021  

USD and rates moving higher. Who would’ve thought we haven’t gotten crushed?

Definitely not me, I would’ve thought we’d be in serious trouble. I’ll take it…

Are You Guys Watching IAG??

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:37 on November 15, 2021  

It keeps inching up. Always one of the higher performers daily, and with lower gold price. Maybe a take over??? Every time it goes up a little I buy a little more. Naturally if it starts sliding I’ll sell it. We can’t get sentimental with some of these. 🙂

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 11:09 on November 15, 2021  

I did get filled and flipped it for a few hundred bucks.

Anymore, I’m just trying to scalp on the shares. Probably could’ve done better if I had held longer over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been burned so many times holding them longer than a couple of days, I try to take profits whenever they present themselves. If that happens in an hour, great. If it takes the day, that’s good as well.

It appears that HUI 280 seems to be the next level that might be hard to breach.

I never buy the first hour or premarket like I used to. As long as I play by the rules, the shares are volatile enough to scalp most of the time, and I never, ever chase, no matter how inviting.


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on November 15, 2021  

If you get filled there I think you’re gonna do just fine. I don’t think Mexico wants to kill off it’s mining industry. In the event that the permit for the San Jose mine is denied or okayed with negative restrictions then people will have to decide whether or not they want to hold on to their shares of mines in Mexico.


Ipso – re: FSM – yeah didn’t last long

Posted by Buygold @ 9:56 on November 15, 2021  

That being said, I put in a stink bid at $3.79. Looks like I’ll probably get it filled so don’t laugh at me when it goes south…

Fortuna having some strength on the open

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:32 on November 15, 2021  

Fingers crossed

Well … that didn’t last long …

The Morning Line Published Sunday, November 15, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. ET America’s Savings Are Trapped in a Bubble

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:27 on November 15, 2021  
Rick Ackerman today=

It’s a wonder that anyone, particularly a savvy financier like John Doerr, could believe the capital exists to attempt the rebuilding of America, let alone try to turn Motherf**ker Nature uncharacteristically benign. Tens of trillions of dollars of vaporous savings are tied up in glorified advertising firms like Google and Facebook, in profitless food delivery services, driverless car- and other AI-hubris, and in purveyors of burritos, virtual entertainment and trendy consumer goods. That is what economists mean when they refer to malinvestment: the channeling of savings — in this case vast sums of it — into companies that either sit on it, squander it, or use it to buy back their own shares. Stocks have become grotesquely overvalued as a result, and it is delusional to think any significant portion of the hoarded capital can ever be freed up to rebuild America’s dilapidated cities, highways, bridges, transit systems, railways and airports. The savings are illusory to begin with, and even if every penny could be diverted into infrastructure, it is absurd to think the bumblers, grafters and lackeys of big business on Capitol Hill could incentivize the process so that it would create anything of enduring economic value.


A meme? They beat the horse until it ran away

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:56 on November 15, 2021  

In “Unwelcome Surprise” To Dutch, Shell To Ditch Dual Share Structure, Move Tax Base To UK, Drop “Royal Dutch” From Name

In a surprise corporate overhaul which the Dutch government branded an “unwelcome surprise”, Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday it would scrap its dual share structure and move its head office to Britain from the Netherlands, pushed away by Dutch taxes and facing climate pressure in court as the energy giant shifts from oil and gas. The company, which long faced questions from investors about its dual structure and had recently been hit by a Dutch court order over its climate targets, will also drop “Royal Dutch” from its name – part of its identity since 1907 – to become Shell Plc.

The Anglo-Dutch firm has been in a long-running tussle with the Dutch authorities over the country’s 15% dividend withholding tax, which Shell sought to avoid paying with its two share classes. Its new single structure would resolve that issue and allow Shell to strike swifter sale or acquisition deals.

“The current complex share structure is subject to constraints and may not be sustainable in the long term,” Shell said, as it announced its plan to change the structure. The move requires at least 75% of votes by shareholders at a general meeting to be held on Dec. 10, the company said.


Some tailwinds if we choose to use em

Posted by Buygold @ 8:38 on November 15, 2021  

USD flat, rates down a bit.

Never know.

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:19 on November 15, 2021  

New Found Announces Acquisition of Royalty Interests Underlying its Keats-Golden Joint-Lotto Discoveries


Mawson Drilling Under the Balaclava Open Pit at Whroo, Victoria, Australia


K2 Significantly Expands the Mineralized Footprint at Mojave Gold – Copper Project


Karora Intersects 40.5 g/t Gold over 4.0 metres in New Discovery and Widest Intercept To Date at Beta Hunt Totalling 1.5 g/t Gold over 90.5 metres


Westhaven Reports 95% Gold and 96% Silver Recoveries in Preliminary Metallurgical Test Work at the Shovelnose Gold Property


Walker Begins Drilling at the Lapon Gold Project


Tombill Mines Embarks on Its Surface Exploration Program and Completes Inaugural near Surface Drilling


Mayfair Gold Expands Fenn-Gib Drill Program to 80,000 meters


Silver Bear Files Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results


Kirkland Lake Gold Reports Favourable Recommendation from Glass Lewis for Merger of Equals with Agnico Eagle Mines Limited


Newmont Announces Redemption of 2022 Senior Notes


SilverCrest Reports Q3 2021 Financial Results


Liberty Gold Receives Second Year Option Payments for Kinsley Gold Project – Nevada


Benchmark Metals Announces $30.0 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing


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