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Posted by goldielocks @ 20:51 on November 17, 2021  

Looks like Kenosha turned into a town of sheep condemning the few who stood up to defend it. They threw Kyle under the bus and let this clown prosecutor victim blame a survivor. The citizens shouldn’t carry guns because it might make the criminals mad if they can’t loot and burn according to this prosecutor defending the first felony attacker who found Kyle alone making good on his earlier threat to kill him if he found him alone after he was mad they stopped him from arson to a property. Never mind to provoke is doing something unlawful or threatening which Kyle never did.
At this point I don’t know if their worth the trouble. To make it worse when Democrats are in charge it always appears to result in judicial corruption. The inmates running the asylum. Next time patriot should get out and just let it burn. Thats apparently what they want, to feel safe. It will be interesting to see what the thugs who burned it down can bring to their community or build. 😂😂😂
This trial was corrupt from the moment he was charged by this coward clown to the end of it. One lie and underhanded stunt after another. It should be dismissed with prejudice.

Kenosha Trial

Posted by commish @ 19:55 on November 17, 2021  

The jury still undecided.  Will report back tomorrow at 9:00 AM.  Tomorrow happens to be the 322 day of the year.

No change from the last disaster … from Jesse

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:47 on November 17, 2021  

“What grabbed our attention in that paragraph from the Credit Suisse report is that the Board of Directors is actually acknowledging that trading positions posed “catastrophic risk” to the bank. What also grabbed our attention is that banking regulators in the United States have been reading this same kind of assessment of catastrophic risk within the mega banks on Wall Street since the financial crisis of 2008, while doing absolutely nothing meaningful to rein it in.

Even more striking, banking regulators and Congress continue to allow the majority of the largest trading houses on Wall Street to continue to own federally-insured deposit-taking banks where the taxpayer would be on the hook for bailouts if they blow themselves up.”

Wall Street on Parade, Congress, the Banks, and Catastrophic Risk, 11/17/2021


Old timer

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:21 on November 17, 2021  

Cliff High, All these years no one in office seemed to care that our manufacturing went over seas. Sped up by the Clinton’s. We had all sorts of skilled workers here that could make about anything we needed. Now just like oil were supposed to depend on others of what we never needed before. If trouble breaks out its not gonna just be mechanical shortages electronics and toys it’s gonna be medicine too. Trump was working on bringing that back but the left probably dropped the ball on that too. As far as gov getting upset over the dollar If have to guess it would be some event. Since they have no skills that would be upsetting but I guess they haven’t figured it out yet and keep printing and borrowing.

old-timer @ 16:55

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:09 on November 17, 2021  

Ole Cliff paints a dark time coming. If he’s right then we can’t be prepared enough!

Maddog @ 14:41

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:59 on November 17, 2021  

I’d call that a profitable operation! The fines are just a little overhead.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:56 on November 17, 2021  

Congratulations on your Great grandson.
That is one big ring on his finger. Hope it’s tight enough he doesn’t lose it.
I used to love baseball. I think I was the only girl they boys let practice with them in little league through high school. By high school they were throwing to fast to pitch like I did in softball or catcher because they swing before the ball got to the base and pizz them off lol I played first base with the boys but no female little league or anything else.
Looks like he’s on his way to the pros if he wants.

FWIW – Greg Hunter interviews Clif High…

Posted by old-timer @ 16:55 on November 17, 2021  

Collapse of Civilization Coming – Clif High


Posted by Maddog @ 14:41 on November 17, 2021  

re yr 9.13

so that is $ 12.5 million to be able to front run the scum, all day, every day….I always knew the scum were cheap, but not that cheap.!!!

Buygold @ 10:28

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:04 on November 17, 2021  

It’s not that. It’s all the friggin GDX gamblers long calls going into opex this Friday.

We might have to wait for futures options to expire next week, but hopefully after that the metals will be able to push through these important resistances.

Like I said yesterday, $25.40ish on digital silver is key.

Heck it could mark the end of the cabal.

So expect them to defend it to the end.

So actually, knowing that, we are doing fine.

Cheers mate

Looking good

Posted by Buygold @ 10:28 on November 17, 2021  

but still struggling with HUI 280.

What the hell is it with round numbers on PM’s?

edit: sorry treefrog, just saw your post. Definitely hoping that HUI 280 is in the rear view mirror.


Posted by treefrog @ 10:24 on November 17, 2021  

280 in the rear-view mirror.


….that was then, this is now.  got knocked back a few markers.

Buygold @ 9:31

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:49 on November 17, 2021  

You got a GOOD memory…This is his SON ….He retired from the pro’s after playing for Cincinnati,Atlanta & Baltimore for ten years and now coaches for RICE University …BTW His mother also played soccer for Rice University while being a good scholar in mathematics .  He’s got some good coaching !

Nasdaq—Keep on truckin….truckin on down the line….

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:49 on November 17, 2021  

Big tech strength continues—SENTIMENT TRADER

In a note last week, Dean shared a study that utilized the percentage of Nasdaq 100 (NDX) members in a correction to show a reversal in selling pressure with a 100% win rate.

With a reversal in the McClellan summation index, we now have an additional signal. When the NDX McClellan Summation Index crosses above 1000, after a reset below 0, performance was excellent.

Nasdaq 100 summation index soars

This signal has triggered 11 other times over the past 24 years.


Keep On Truckin,'' The Hippie Slogan R. Crumb Regrets Coining


Ororeef – Big Congrats for your Grandson

Posted by Buygold @ 9:31 on November 17, 2021  

If I remember correctly you also had a grandson that went into the pro’s.

Most folks don’t understand what it takes to get into the pro’s, they are almost 1 in a million and in addition to the physical skills, more importantly they need to have the mental attributes.

And the hits just keep coming for Eloro

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:20 on November 17, 2021  

Channel Sampling at Porco Adit returns 103m Strike Length Grading 521 Ag eq/t (including 117 g Ag/t, 1.44 g Au/t, 0.54% Cu and 0.66%Sn) at Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project, Potosi Department, Bolivia

See here

It’s not uncommon for third world plays like this to remain undervalued for some time into the discovery process before it is perceived the majors will necessarily act at some point.

Take advantage.

Cheers all

Great Grandson pitches Perfect Game !

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:14 on November 17, 2021  

Bank Trio Paying $50 Million Over Claims They Rigged Gold ‘Fix’

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:13 on November 17, 2021  

Barclays Plc, Société Générale SA, Scotiabank, and London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. will pay a combined $50 million to end antitrust litigation over an alleged scheme to rig the gold “fix,” a key pricing benchmark, according to a federal court filing in Manhattan.



Posted by ipso facto @ 8:59 on November 17, 2021  

Drilling at Del Norte Intersects 1,408 g/t Ag eq over 9.91m and 477 g/t Ag eq over 15.2m

Drilling at Del Norte Intersects 1,408 g/t Ag eq over 9.91m and 477 g/t Ag eq over 15.2m

Glencore to sell Ernest Henry asset to Evolution for A$1 B

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:53 on November 17, 2021  

London-listed miner Glencore has agreed to sell its Ernest Henry Mining copper-gold mine in Queensland to Australia-based Evolution Mining for A$1 billion ($729.60 million), the companies said on Wednesday.

The acquisition will double Evolution Mining’s annual copper production from its earlier forecast to between 34,000 to 38,000 tonnes, driving all-in sustaining cost (ASIC) lower to about A$90 to A$100 per ounce.

Glencore to sell Ernest Henry asset to Evolution for A$1 B

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:42 on November 17, 2021  

New Found Announces Update to $48 Million Investment by Eric Sprott


Cabral Gold Targets Central Trend for Additional Discoveries at Cuiú Cuiú Gold District, Brazil


GoGold Releases Final Drill Holes Prior to Upcoming Initial Mineral Resource Estimate at Los Ricos North


Ascot Expands Day Zone Mineralization 400 Metres to the South With Step-Out Drill Hole


Channel Sampling at Porco Adit returns 103m Strike Length Grading 521 Ag eq/t (including 117 g Ag/t, 1.44 g Au/t, 0.54% Cu and 0.66%Sn) at Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project, Potosi Department, Bolivia


White Gold Corp. Intersects Broad Zones of Significant Near Surface Gold Mineralization at its Betty Ford Target Including 50m of 3.46 g/t Gold and 48m of 1.17 g/t Gold in Maiden Diamond Drill Program


Mayfair Gold Accelerates Regional Exploration at Fenn-Gib Gold Project


GoldHaven Identifies 10 Additional Epithermal Gold Targets at the Alicia and Roma Projects in the Maricunga District, Northern Chile


Newcrest to Begin Drilling at Cornerstone’s Miocene Gold-Copper Project in Chile in January


Osisko Drilling Returns 319 g/t Au Over 10.5 Metres in Lynx


IAMGOLD Starts Drilling on Anik Gold Project


Erdene Intersects 33.5 g/t Gold Over 8 Metres Near Surface at Dark Horse Mane Discovery


Masivo Silver Receives Final Approvals for Nevada Project


Aya Gold & Silver Intercepts 1,383 g/t Ag over 13.5m, Extending Zgounder High-Grade Silver Mineralisation Further at Depth


Wolfden Updates Pickett Mt. Mineral Resource Statement


Looks a bit like yesterday

Posted by Buygold @ 8:05 on November 17, 2021  

Are we going to have the same results or will we whipsaw yesterday’s sellers?

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